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Do you know your maternity rights?

Pregnancy can be a beautiful experience, but women may be concerned or uncertain about what benefits expectant working mothers are afforded under the Maternity Protection Act. Acting labour inspector II, of the Ministry of Labour and Small Enterprise Development’s Labour Inspectorate Unit, Mary Lyn Lewis-James told WMN the law provides protection for pregnant working women across the board. “It’s for all women in TT. Once you’re working, it doesn’t matter where you’re working. The Act covers you,” from the beginning to the end of pregnancy. The Act allows for pregnant women to take time off from work in order to get prenatal care....

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Tobago Chamber reveals wishlist for next government

The Tobago Business Chamber is calling for the repeal of the foreign investment act as a means of boosting economic activity on the island, post covid19. The chamber’s chairman, Martin George, made the call in a Whatsapp voicenote on Friday as the organisation welcomed the government’s decision to hold the general election on August 10. The Prime Minister announced the date on Friday in the Parliament “The Tobago Business Chamber supports a shorter and less hectic election season because we think that the longer it drags on, the more disruptive it is for business and we definitely are happy that the time frame...

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THA looks to cut foreign investment red tape

THERE is a need for Tobago to attract foreign direct investment, according to Finance Secretary Joel Jack. The secretary said the Division of Finance and the Economy is developing a medium-term strategy that will attract investment to the island. Jack was speaking at Wednesday’s post Executive Council media briefing at Victor E Bruce Financial Complex in Scarborough. Jack said: “I have been working with the Minister of Finance to see how best we can treat with all the administrative bottlenecks, the bottlenecks in the processing of the land licence regime. A number of the investors, they don’t have a challenge with the land...

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Parkin v Norman; Valentine v Lilley

All England Law Reports/1982/Volume 2 /Parkin v Norman; Valentine v Lilley - [1982] 2 All ER 583 [1982] 2 All ER 583 Parkin v Norman; Valentine v Lilley   QUEEN'S BENCH DIVISION DONALDSON LJ AND MCCULLOUGH J 23 FEBRUARY, 10 MARCH 1982   Public order – Offensive conduct conducive to breaches of peace – Threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour – Insulting – Nature of insulting behaviour – Homosexual activity in public lavatory – Accused making homosexual advances to plain clothes police officer – Accused's behaviour not observed by anyone else – Whether accused using 'insulting behaviour … likely' to occasion breach of peace – Whether likelihood...

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Dolly Kendall And Others v Mohamed Khan Det Corporal No 7307

West Indian Reports/Volume 26 /Dolly Kendall And Others v Mohamed Khan Det Corporal No 7307 -(1979) 26 WIR 433 (1979) 26 WIR 433 Dolly Kendall And Others v Mohamed Khan Det Corporal No 7307 HIGH COURT OF THE FULL COURT OF GUYANA CRANE CJ AND COLLINS J 21ST SEPTEMBER 1979 Summary conviction offence – Public insult and provocation – Guyana national anthem – Refusal of cinema goers to stand up when national anthem being played – Whether such refusal insult to police officer – Whether police officer insulted and provoked in a manner likely to result in commission of breach of peace – Summary Jurisdiction (Offences)...

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CRIMINAL LAW – Offensive behaviour: the police officer as Victim

Law Society Gazette/1989/Issue 1, January/Articles/CRIMINAL LAW - Offensive behaviour: the police officer as Victim - (1989) LS Gaz, 5 Jan, 86 (14)   LAW SOCIETY GAZETTE (1989) LS Gaz, 5 Jan, 86 (14) 5 January 1989 CRIMINAL LAW - Offensive behaviour: the police officer as Victim   John Marston, solicitor, senior lecturer, school of law, Leicester Polytechnic COPYRIGHT (c) 1989 THE LAW SOCIETY   John Marston In DPP v Orum [1988] 3 All ER 449, the Divisional Court confirmed the view of most commentators that s.5 of the Public Order Act 1986 can properly be applied to situations involving police officers but no members of the general public save for the...

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