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Welcome to the world of Martin George & Co, where, if you’re looking to find an Attorney, then at the Law Firm of MARTIN GEORGE & CO (MAGCO), you will find Lawyers with more than Twenty Five years of Legal Practice experience, who are committed to providing quality professional Legal services to our clients in Trinidad & Tobago and also to our International clients from all over the globe, who have Legal matters in Trinidad & Tobago.

The Firm has offices both in Tobago and Trinidad and has a Team of five Attorneys and eight Administrative Professionals and includes Family Law lawyers, Divorce Lawyers, Civil Law Lawyers, Immigration Lawyers, Adoption and Child Custody Lawyers. We are on the lists of Lawyers who rank among some of the busiest Civil Litigation Attorneys and Divorce lawyers in Trinidad and Tobago. The Firm has practice areas which include -: Defamation, Social Media & Cyber-Defamation, Medical Negligence, Constitutional Law, Judicial Review & Administrative Law, Wills & Probate and Administration of Estates, Conveyances & Real Estate matters and Family Law. We handle High Court Litigation, Appeals to the Court of Appeal, Contract and Industrial Relations matters at the Industrial Court and Insurance and Banking matters.

 We have the largest, most efficient and Professional Legal Service Firm of Attorneys in Tobago with full-time Lawyers in Tobago present at all times along with a full-service Administrative Professional staff. Our Tobago Office also has our Criminal Defence Attorney and our Human Rights Attorney and we have a Commissioner of Affidavits on hand. We also have Bailiffs, Marshals, Search Clerks and Process Servers as part of our Ancillary Support Staff, to provide efficient, executive and excellent service in real time and in keeping with the demands of a modern full-service International Law Firm.

We have represented clients in Intellectual Property, Copyright, Patent and Trademark matters and we have the most dynamic, diverse and cutting-edge website and Facebook pages which provide a treasure trove of Legal cases, Laws and information and updates on on-going Court matters and landmark legal decisions in Trinidad and Tobago. Our approach has always been to share pro bono Legal knowledge and Information, as much as possible, because we believe that an enlightened and informed clientele, makes for a better understanding of one’s Legal Rights & Obligations. In that regard we’ve introduced our “Ask a Lawyer”, What’s App service, where clients can have live and direct conversations with online Attorneys on issues such as Consumer Rights Protection, Patents & Intellectual Property, Divorces & Family Law, Breach of Contract, Debt Collection, Business Law, Wills & Probate & Administration of Estates, Inheritance Law and Income Tax matters.

Due to having branches both in Trinidad and in Tobago, we are members of the Trinidad & Tobago Law Association and also the Tobago Lawyers Association and we are able to provide quality professional Legal services, for clients both in Trinidad and also in Tobago. We work with quiet efficiency and confidentiality, while demonstrating our ability to build trusted and lasting relationships with our clients from all over the globe and also with our clients right here in Trinidad & Tobago.

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Our firm is a member of the

International Society of Primerus Law Firms

A highly selective society of the world’s finest independent boutique law firms.

The International Society of Primerus Law Firms (Primerus) is a society of top-rated, independent, boutique law firms that have earned the right to display the Primerus seal of quality. As one of the most respected law firm societies, Primerus has become the size of some of the world’s largest law firms. Primerus is growing at an unprecedented pace, and is expanding throughout the U.S., Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean. With thousands of lawyers in the society, Primerus members, collectively, offer the breadth of expertise and jurisdictional coverage that only the world’s largest law firms can offer to their clients, but at more reasonable rates. Law firms in the U.S. and Canada must be AV-rated using the Martindale-Hubbell peer review service. For firms outside of North America, consideration is given to respected resources, such as, Chambers Global Guide, Legal 500 EMEA, and IFLR 1000. Additionally, once approved for membership, every Primerus firm is audited, annually, to ensure that the legal services they continue to provide to clients are of a consistent high quality, year after year.


Our Practice Areas

We offer a broad range of legal services

Family Law

  • Adoption
  • Divorce
  • Child Support
  • Custody
  • Legal Separation
  • Spousal Support

Immigration Law

  • Naturalization
  • Citizenship
  • Work Permits
  • Asylum & Refugee
  • Detention
  • Removal

Property Law

  • Property Management
  • Conveyances
  • Contracts
  • Disputes
  • Tenancies
  • Mortgages


  • Medical Negligence
  • Wills and Probates
  • Business & Insurance Law
  • Intellectual Property
  • Civil & Business Litigation
  • Inheritance Law

We take time to understand exactly what our client needs.



We work hard for you



Is what we strive for



Professional representation from professional attorneys

Martin George

Principal Attorney

Gayatri B. Maharaj


Lakshmi Lalla


Sara Martinez


Sarah Lawrence


Ashelle Edwards


Makesi Jerome


Over 22 Years of Experience

Our firm has been in existence for more than 22 years and during this time we have established ourselves as an effective, results-oriented, client-focused and success driven firm which has represented from the smallest individual to the largest corporations and has done so with a quiet, discreet efficiency and in a courteous, prompt and reliable manner which our clients have grown to trust and respect...


Mission Statement

To provide the very best in professional legal services to our clients in the most efficient, expeditious and cost-effective manner possible.


Vision Statement

To create an enduring, innovative, responsive and cutting edge legal resource and global network support system, for our clients both local and international.


What Our Clients Say About Our Services

Our lawyers will also represent you in civil litigation cases such as divorce, child and spouse maintenance.

Great service


Some may say costly, but we know that nothing great comes cheap. I was totally surprised by the humility, responsiveness, professionalism, and understanding nature of the lawyers within this company. We entered a family-oriented organization with constant and timely communication yet maintaining a high level of respect in the way business was conducted. They embrace you and work along with you every step of the way. We were extremely pleased and taken aback by the warm welcome, cordial yet professional advice offered, guidance, and at times a shoulder to lean on. Their service is unlike any other and it's offered with a smile. They came highly recommended and I can certainly do the same. Keep up the great work! We totally appreciate it.

Krystal Wilson-Anderson

Professional and accessible legal service.

Roger Jacob

Quick and easy. He didn't talk much and I was happy😁


I have learnt so much from working there, congratulations to Mr George on reaching another milestone "am proud of Mr George and MAG.Co

Dexter Greene

Martin George what I've known of him is everywhere he sets up business it's a success, it just follows him, very professional and business minded.

Veda Hercules

Communication is great, very professional and very prompt with return calls. Nice personality and easy to talk to.

Fiona Barone

This law office is one of the few businesses in Trinidad where they call you back and are timely with their work. Mr George and his staff are clear and explain what the services are to you so everyone is on the same page. I would recommend them.

Seon Radix

Top lawyer and legal service provider on Tobago

Louis Lewis

From our first day of consultations and every step of the way we were well looked after and our matter was dealt with professionally. Thank you Martin & Co

Vaughns Taylor

#1 in Tobago. Professional and knowledgeable!

Gizelle Drue

Top legal firm in Tobago

Big Lou

Exceptional quality service and staff keep up the good work

Melak Craigwell

The legal team is informative, and the legal expertise is exceptional.

Nika Morain

Martin George and Co are an extremely professional group of people. They are a very dedicated and communicative bunch. Mr George himself is extremely polite and answered every question promptly and effectively. He has an old school charm that is a rare commodity in this era. I will always recommend him and his company to any one seeking their services. Thank you to Mr George and your Company for setting such a high standard.

Keri Alyssa


Our lawyers are professional, courteous and thorough.



As part of our social contributions and our commitment to continuing Legal Education for the general population the Firm of MARTIN GEORGE & Company has committed to sharing with the public during these days of Home Quarantine, Legal Topics and insights, just for general knowledge and edification and discussion. Lots of folks have interest in many Legal topics so we’re trying just to share knowledge information on various Legal topics each day during this period of Home confinement to keep interested persons occupied and engaged in Legal topics of relevance to them.

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Our experts have been featured in the media numerous times

Sought after insights. 


We offer a Broad Range of Legal Research and other Resources

Our commitment to learning and growing


Case Histories

In conjunction with his vast know-how, our company leverages the robust legal expertise of working in different courts.


Law Libraries

In conjunction with his vast know-how, our company leverages the robust legal expertise of working in different courts.



In conjunction with his vast know-how, our company leverages the robust legal expertise of working in different courts.


Doing Business in Trinidad & Tobago

In conjunction with his vast know-how, our company leverages the robust legal expertise of working in different courts.

No need to come in to our office. Have your virtual appointment in the comfort of your home.

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