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By: Ashelle Edwards Attorney-at-Law  Martin Anthony George & Co. This lesson provides information on: Ascertaining the Assets and Liabilities Solvency or Insolvency of the Estate Insolvent Estates Agreement between the LPR and Creditors Administration under Direction of the Court Administration Under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act Ch 9:70 Order of Payment of Debts Funeral, Testamentary and Administration Expenses Secured Creditor/Secured Debt Preferred Debt Ordinary Debt Deferred Debt Solvent Estates- Intestacy Solvent Estates- Testate A. Introduction  After a Legal Personal Representative (hereinafter referred to as “LPR”) of a deceased’s estate has obtained a Grant of Representation, that being either a Grant of Probate to an Executor, a Grant of Letters of Administration with Will Annexed or a Grant of Letters...

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Article 33 – Legal Topic – Double Jeopardy

By: Jonathan A. Stevenson        Attorney-at-Law        Martin Anthony George & Co. The double jeopardy rule is commonly utilized in criminal proceedings and industrial relations matters. Per this rule, a person who has been acquitted of an offence should not be tried again in respect of the same offence. In this article, we will explore the meaning and effect of the double jeopardy rule, and will provide a holistic view of the same by examining its exceptions. The double jeopardy rule has been applied in the Courts for centuries. Recognition of this was had by the Court of Appeal of Trinidad and Tobago in...

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Article 32 – Legal Topic – Grants of Representation

By: Jonathan A. Stevenson This lesson provides information on: Grants of Probate Grants of Letters of Administration Grants of Letters of Administration with Will Annexed LEGAL TOPIC: GRANTS OF REPRESENTATION INTRODUCTION The death of a person is undoubtedly an event that is tragic and often turns the worlds of those close to them upside down. Aside from the emotional challenges presented by such a tragedy, the family of the Deceased faces the question of what would happen to the estate of the Deceased, particularly how it is to be distributed.   In our seventh article, we explored the requirements for the creation of a Will, the instrument by which...

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TOBAGO BUSINESS CHAMBER offers its sincerest thoughts and prayers for the Honorable Prime Minister

TOBAGO BUSINESS CHAMBER through its Chairman Martin George offers its sincerest thoughts and prayers for the Honorable Prime Minister and his family at this time and the TOBAGO BUSINESS CHAMBER renews its call to vaccinate Tobago first and create an immunization bubble in Tobago, which then allows for the International Borders to be opened up through Tobago. https://youtu.be/TkVgP5--DJo ...

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Article 31 – Legal Topic – Leases – Elements, Formalities, & Essential Covenants

By: Jonathan A. Stevenson This lesson provides information on: The Elements of a Lease Formalities Essential CovenantsQuiet Enjoyment Non-Derogation from Grant Fitness for Human Habitation Tenantable Repair Option to Renew Option to Purchase Assignment and Subletting Payment of Rates and Taxes Payment of Bills Entry INTRODUCTION It is certainly common for property owners to utilize their properties to generate income. A popular instrument by which property owners achieve this goal is undoubtedly the lease. This instrument enables property owners to generate this income by allowing other persons or entities to occupy their properties for a period in return for money, without parting with their ownership or title in the same.   Leases, and the relationships which they...

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