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Massive Congrats to Margaret Sookraj Goswami

Massive Congrats to one of our former MAGCO Employees Margaret Sookraj Goswami on her appointment as a Master of the High Court. Team MAGCO is really proud of your achievements. At MAGCO, our philosophy is that everyone must grow, develop and become much better for the experience of being with us. So even if your growth and development with us leads you to greater opportunities elsewhere, while we may be sad to lose you, our greater Joy and Happiness, is in seeing you move on to greater, better things. That for us, represents Success because we see our role, not...

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This letter brings back one of my fondest memories coming out of the gargantuan and cataclysmic Court battles between CENTRIN & CSM -V- ISPATT. I was mere months into the start of my Legal career, having been just called to the Bar and here I was, involved in what was the biggest, costliest Court battle of the time which raged on for months and months, with endless twists and turns, plots and sub-plots. Oh what a joy and pleasure it was, to be part of this phenomenal Learning experience. To see Frank Solomon S.C.,(now deceased), Ralston Nelson (now S.C. and retired...

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