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George: Don’t judge landlords

Tobago Chamber chairman Martin George says the Government cannot mandate that landlords be lenient to tenants who cannot pay their rent because of the covid19 stay-at-home restrictions. During a news conference at the Diplomatic Centre last Saturday, the Prime Minister urged landlords to "have a heart" as the Government extended the stay-at-home order to at least May 10. Borders are also expected to remain closed until May 15. In a WhatsApp voice note on Wednesday, George said the Government's appeal to landlords is not a "legal imposition. "It is not something that can be legally enforced. It is basically a request for landlords...

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Article 19 – Legal Topic – Malicious Prosecution

By: Sarah Lawrence        Attorney-at-Law        Martin George and Co.        Attorneys-at-Law     According to the author of Commonwealth Caribbean Tort, the tort of malicious prosecution is committed where the defendant maliciously and without reasonable and probable cause initiates against the plaintiff a criminal prosecution which terminates in the plaintiff’s favour, and which results in damage to the plaintiff’s reputation, person or property. The essence of malice requires the claimant to prove that the defendant deliberately misused the process of the court: Willers v Joyce [2016] UKSC 43. The most obvious case is where the claimant can prove that the defendant brought the...

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Article 18 – Legal Topic – Factors Considered in Awarding Custody

By Janelle Ramsaroop Attorney-at-Law Martin George and Co. Attorneys-at-Law       WHAT IS CUSTODY? In a legal context, custody refers to more than just physical care and control or guardianship of a child. This physical care and control of a child would, of course, confer rights and responsibilities unto the custodial parent, but there’s more, as the custodial parent, for instance, becomes financially responsible for the child and has a right to make decisions in relation to the education or religion of the child and so forth.   The Family Law (Guardianship of Minors, Domicile and Maintenance) Act Chapter 46:08 defines “custody” as the right to possession and...

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Article 17 – Legal Topic – Compensation under the Supreme Court of Judicature Act for Wrongful Death

By: Keshavi Khoorban        Attorney-at-Law        Martin George and Co.        Attorneys-at-Law     INTRODUCTION: Where a tort(A Legal wrong such as Negligence) results in a fatal injury, an award may be made to the Estate of the Deceased in accordance with section 27 of the Supreme Court of Judicature Act Chap 4:01 which provides as follows:   (1). Subject to the provisions of this section, on the death of any person after 24th December 1936, all causes of action subsisting against or vested in him shall survive against or, as the case may be, for the benefit of, his estate; but this subsection shall not apply...

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Article 16 – Legal Topic – Misrepresentation in Contract Law

By: Sherisse Walker        Attorney-at-Law        Martin George and Co.        Attorneys-at-Law INTRODUCTION According to the author, Gilbert Kodilyne in Commonwealth Caribbean Contract Law; material statements made by parties during negotiations leading up to a contract may constitute either contractual terms or mere representations. A contractual term is defined as a statement by which the parties intend to be bound and which therefore forms part of the Contractual Agreement. On the other hand a mere representation is a statement of fact, made by one party (“the Representor”) to another party (“the Representee”) during negotiations leading to the contract, which was intended to operate and...

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Article 15 – Legal Topic – Discrimination in Employment

By: Sara Martinez        Attorney-at-Law        Martin George and Co.        Attorneys-at-Law     PROTECTION UNDER THE EQUAL OPPORTUNITY ACT Employees are protected from discrimination by their employers under the Equal Opportunity Act Chapter 22:03 (“the Act”). Sections 8-10 of the Act protects both Applicants for Employment as well as persons who are already employed from discrimination by potential employers or employers: “8. An Employer or a prospective employer shall not discriminate against a person- In the arrangements he makes for the purpose of determining who should be offered employment; In the terms or conditions on which employment is offered; or By refusing or deliberately omitting to offer employment.   ...

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7 things to know as Gov’t rolls out phase one of Salary Relief Grant

The Finance Ministry is rolling out phase one of the Salary Relief Grant. Finance Minister Colm Imbert explained the details while speaking at a media conference on Monday afternoon. It will cost Government over $400 million to carry out the project. This Grant will allow citizens, who have lost income as a result of the implementation of COVID-19 measures, to be able to access $1500 per month over a three month period. Here are five things you should know when going about accessing the grant: 1) Who can apply? The Finance Minister explained that phase one of the Salary Relief Grant will target those people who are already registered...

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Here’s how to apply for the Salary Relief Grant

Details on how to apply for a Salary Relief Grant for people who have been without an income due to the economic fallout of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) have been released by the Finance Ministry. Finance Minister Colm Imbert said in a social media update Sunday that an advertisement was released with details of the application process. “This advert provides the criteria and procedures for the Salary Relief Grant of up to $1,500 for up to 3 months. It's available to workers who have lost their jobs or salary as a result of Covid-19. We are starting with persons in the NIS system before...

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