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Politicians, business heads concerned about Farley, Duke feud

There is huge concern about the fallout among Tobago House of Assembly “jefes” and its impact on Tobago’s economy, image and Carnival. The Opposition United National Congress and Congress of the People are urging THA Chief Secretary Farley Augustine and deputy Chief Secretary Watson Duke to resolve their issues speedily. And Tobago’s stakeholders have also expressed concern about the impact of the warring leaders on the island. Simmering tensions between Augustine and Duke have thrust Tobago into the spotlight, after the situation erupted publicly last week over funding for the Roxborough Folk Performers on a New York trip. On Tuesday, Augustine challenged Duke to...

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‘A subsidised fare for Tobago residents and an economic fare for non-residents’

RETIRED chairman of the Trinidad and Tobago Civil Aviation Authority, Ramesh Lutchmedial, is sounding alarm over the domestic operations of Caribbean Airlines, noting that even if airbridge flights are operated at 100 per cent load factors, the revenue earned by airfare and subsidy is well below the economic cost of providing the service. CAL had previously responded to a public statement by the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) Chief Secretary Farley Augustine who knocked the airline for not providing enough flights to Tobago. CAL’s responded by stating that its airbridge operations are plagued by heavy and consistent losses amounting to millions of...

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Tobago Business Chamber condemns CAL’s losses
“Do not blame the domestic airbridge”

Chairman of the Tobago Business Chamber Martin George is blaming Caribbean Airlines Limited (CAL), not domestic flights, for the company’s losses on the airbridge. This after CAL issued a statement last Thursday stating that domestic operations have amounted to consistent losses of US$9,613,100 as at June 2022, while its operational costs for the airbridge was US$18,777, 648. In what he described as an “attempt by CAL to lay blame on the poor performance of the domestic airbridge for sustained losses over the years” George said the situation has nothing to do with the domestic airbridge and it is not fair to Tobagonians...

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Tobago chamber angry over CAL airbridge claim

The Tobago Business Chamber (TBC) has condemned what it calls an attempt by Caribbean Airlines (CAL) to lay blame on the poor performance of the domestic airbridge for sustained losses over the years. The chamber said yesterday that it rejects this, especially if it is an attempt to castigate Tobagonians and the domestic airbridge service, as it noted that the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) has recently indicated it is willingness to take responsibility for some of the financial burden to make extra flights available on the airbride by paying for keeping the airport open later. Addressing a CAL statement on the...

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Tobago Business Chamber to CAL: Don’t blame airbridge for economic woes

The Tobago Business Chamber has slammed Caribbean Airlines Ltd (CAL) for suggesting that the domestic airbridge is to be blamed for its “economic woes and failures” over the years. On Thursday, CAL issued a release, saying it has consistently been increasing flights between Trinidad and Tobago since the country's borders were reopened in July 2021. However, the airline said its operations between the two islands have been characterised by heavy and consistent losses, amounting to millions of dollars. Its statement came after THA Chief Secretary Farley Augustine, in a television interview on Wednesday, criticised CAL for not providing an appropriate number of flights...

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Tobago chamber blasts CAL on airbridge

Chairman of the Tobago Business Chamber Martin George has called on Caribbean Airlines Ltd (CAL) to withdraw a news release it issued on Thursday, which he said appeared to place blame on the domestic airbridge for the airline’s economic woes and failures over the years and make an excuse for not increasing flights between Trinidad and Tobago. ‘Benefit of the doubt’ “If that is the case, and I hope it is not, I am willing to give Caribbean Airlines the benefit of the doubt to clarify that point…then I take very strong umbrage to that, not just as the chairman of the...

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