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Brache v Aberdeen

Citation:           TT 2015 HC 111 Title:                 BRACHE v. ABERDEEN Country:           Trinidad and Tobago Court:               High Court Suit No.:           FH 2269 of 2011 Judge(s):          Ramkerrysingh, J. Date:                March 25, 2015 Subject:           Family Law Subsubject:      Whether the parties lived in a co-habitational relationship – Whether the disputed property was a co-habitational home for which a property adjustment order ought to be made – Whether the applicant’s contributions entitled her to a property adjustment order.   Appearances: Ms Denise Gouveia (Instructed by Ms Tiffany Hercules) for the applicant Mrs Shelly Perryman-Jones for the respondent   RAMKERRYSINGH, J.:  1. The applicant seeks a property adjustment order pursuant to the Cohabitational Relationships Act 1998, in relation to property situate...

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Wilson v Charles

Citation:           TT 2015 HC 339 Title:                 WILSON v. CHARLES Country:           Trinidad and Tobago Court:               High Court Suit No.:           CV 1391 of 2012 Judge(s):          Dean-Armorer, J. Date:                November 16, 2015 Subject:           Family Law Subsubject:      Co-habitational relationship – Application for a declaration as to the entitlement of the claimant in the beneficial interest in the family home – Whether the common intention of the parties to have joint beneficial ownership changed in the course of the relationship.   Appearances Mrs. Barbara Lodge Johnson, Attorney-at-law for the claimant. Mr. St. Clair O’Neil, Attorney-at-law for the defendant.   DEAN-ARMORER, J. In these proceedings, the parties had shared a cohabitional relationship for seventeen (17) years. They acquired a...

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James Action, Re

Citation:           TT 2016 HC 117 Title:                 JAMES ACTON, RE Country:           Trinidad and Tobago Court:               High Court Suit No.:           FH 01886 of 2014 Judge(s):          Lambert Peterson, J. Date:                February 4, 2016 Subject:           Family Law Subsubject:      Whether a co-habitational relationship existed between the applicant and the deceased.   Subject:           Administration of Estates Subsubject:      Share of the deceased’s estate to which the applicant was entitled.   Appearances: Mr. Marlon Moore, Ms. Krystal Alexander and Mrs. Aasma Al Rawi-Sinanan for the applicant Mr. Kweku Wilson for the Interested Parties   PETERSON, J. BACKGROUND: 1    Acton James (hereinafter referred to as the applicant') and Jennifer Ramdhan (hereinafter referred to as 'J.R.') shared a lengthy relationship of over thirty years. The applicant filed an application...

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Debydeen v Mack

Citation: TT 2016 HC 356 Title: DEBYDEEN v. MACK Country: Trinidad and Tobago Court: High Court Suit No: FH 01177-2012 Judge(s): Tam, J. Date: October 10, 2016 Subject: Family Law Subsubject: Union other than marriage – Cohabitational relationship – Property – Child – Custody – Access – Whether applicant entitled to sums representing contribution to the property – Whether interim orders for child support and access ought to be made final. Appearances: Mr. Marlon Moore for the applicant Ms. Angelique Olowe for the respondent TAM, J.: INTRODUCTION 1. Before the court are two applications filed by the applicant on the 13th June 2012, the combined effect of which amounts to a claim by her for...

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British Government Rejects Call To Force Same-Sex Marriage And Voter Rights For UK Citizens On Overseas Territories (Click Here)

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New Legislation Will See Politicians In Barbados Being Held Accountable For Their Actions (Click Here)

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