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DANIEL M’NAGHTEN’S CASE. May 26, June 19, 1843.

DANIEL M'NAGHTEN'S CASE. May 26, June 19, 1843. [Mews' Dig. i. 349; iv. 1112. S.C. 8 Scott N.R. 595; 1 C. and K. 130; 4 St. Tr. N.S, 847. The rules laid down in this case have been accepted in the main as an authoritative statement of the law (cf. Beg. v. Townley, 1863, 3 F. and F. 839; Beg. v. Southey, 1865, 4 F. and F. 864; Reg. v. Leigh, 1866, 4 F. and F. 919). But they have been adversely criticised both by legal and medical text writerz (see 2 Steph. Hist Crim. Law, 124-186; Mayne Ind. Crinm. Law (ed....

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Weekly Law Reports (ICLR)/1979/Volume 2 /WONG KAM-MING  APPELLANT AND THE QUEEN  RESPONDENT - [1979] 2 WLR 81   [1979] 2 WLR 81 WONG KAM-MING  APPELLANT AND THE QUEEN  RESPONDENT   [PRIVY COUNCIL] [APPEAL FROM THE COURT OF APPEAL OF HONG KONG]   1978 Oct. 17, 18, 19;Dec. 20 Lord Diplock, Lord Hailsham of St. Marylebone, Lord Salmon, Lord Edmund-Davies and Lord Keith of Kinkel Crime -- Evidence -- Confession -- Admissibility -- Voir dire -- Defendant cross-examined as to truth of statement and admitting participation in offence -- Whether cross-examination proper -- Statement ruled inadmissible -- Crown adducing evidence of and cross-examining, on defendant's admissions in voir dire -- Whether...

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ICLR: King's/Queen's Bench Division/1963/Volume 1/REGINA v. RICE AND OTHERS. - [1963] 1 Q.B. 857 [1963] 1 Q.B. 857 [COURT OF CRIMINAL APPEAL] REGINA v. RICE AND OTHERS. 1962 Nov. 26, 27, 28. Ashworth, Salmon and Winn JJ. 1963 Jan. 29. Crime - Evidence - Confession - Co-defendant, by - Statement by one defendant implicating other co-defendants - Prosecution's omission to prove statement - Statement not produced by maker - Maker cross-examined by co-defendant - Whether prosecution may cross-examine maker on contents of statement - Whether prosecution may reveal making of statement by cross-examination of maker or co-defendant.   Evidence - Documentary - Airline ticket - Used ticket bearing names...

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R v Thomas Michael Treacy

All England Law Reports/1944/Volume 2 /R v Thomas Michael Treacy -  [1944] 2 All ER 229  [1944] 2 All ER 229 R v Thomas Michael Treacy COURT OF CRIMINAL APPEAL VISCOUNT CALDECOTE LCJ, HUMPHREYS AND ASQUITH JJ 11 JULY 1944 Criminal Law - Evidence - Cross-examination - Murder - Evidence of forgery to show motive introduced in cross-examination - Cross-examination to inadmissible statement by accused.   The appellant was charged with the murder of Kathleen Cornish. At the trial counsel for the prosecution put in evidence the following statement, made by the prisoner when in a state of serious ill health to a police officer, as to the...

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Regina v Phillips

[2007] EWCA Crim 1042 1 [2007] EWCA Crim 1042 No: 200602848 D1 IN THE COURT OF APPEAL CRIMINAL DIVISION Royal Courts of Justice Strand London, WC2 Thursday, 26th April 2007 Before Lord Justice Moore-Bick Mr Justice David Clarke Mrs Justice Swift DBE   Regina    v     Alan Phillips  Computer-Aided Transcript of the Stenograph Notes of WordWave International Limited A Merrill Communications Company 190 Fleet Street London EC4A 2AG Tel No: 020 7404 1400 Fax No: 020 7831 8838 (Official Shorthand Writers to the Court) MR A ABELL appeared on behalf of the APPELLANT MR B CONLON appeared on behalf of the CROWN JUDGMENT (As approved by the Court) MR JUSTICE DAVID CLARKE: On 12th May 2006, in the Crown Court at Inner London before Mr Recorder...

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Regina v Perren

[2009] EWCA Crim 348 No. 2008/00222/C2 IN THE COURT OF APPEAL CRIMINAL DIVISION Royal Courts of Justice The Strand London WC2A 2LL Thursday 29 January 2009 Before: Lord Justice Toulson MR Justice Bean and His Honour Judge Paget QC (Sitting as a Judge of the Court of Appeal Criminal Division)     Regina    v     Clifford Perren  Computer Aided Transcription by Wordwave International Ltd (a Merrill Communications Company) 190 Fleet Street, London EC4 Telephone 020–7421 4040 (Official Shorthand Writers to the Court) Mr N Ham appeared on behalf of the Appellant Mr S Thomas appeared on behalf of the Crown JUDGMENT (As Approved by the Court ) Thursday 29 January 2009   LORD JUSTICE TOULSON : On 26 November 2007, at Cambridge Crown Court, before His Honour Judge Hawkesworth and a jury,...

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R v Musone

All England Official Transcripts (1997-2008)   R v Musone   Criminal evidence - Character of accused - Evidence against co-accused - Murder - Defendant seeking to adduce evidence of co-accused's bad character late and without notice - Judge finding evidence admissible but in breach of co-defendant's right to fair trial and in breach of rules - Judge excluding evidence - Whether conviction safe - Criminal Justice Act 2003, ss 101(1)(e), 111 - Criminal Procedure Rules 2005, SI 2005/384, r 35 - European Convention on Human Rights, art 6   [2007] EWCA Crim 1237   Transcript: Wordwave International Ltd (A Merrill Communications Company))  COURT OF APPEAL (CRIMINAL DIVISION) MOSES LJ, UNDERHILL...

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Regina v Lubemba; Regina v Pooley

Weekly Law Reports (ICLR)/2015/Volume 1 /*Regina   v   Lubemba ; Regina   v   Pooley ; Practice Note - [2015] 1 WLR 1579 [2015] 1 WLR 1579 *Regina   v   Lubemba ; Regina   v   Pooley ; Practice Note Court of Appeal [2014] EWCA Crim 2064  2014 Oct 9 Hallett LJ, Sweeney, Warby JJ  Crime -- Practice -- Criminal proceedings -- Vulnerable witnesses -- Guidance as to measures to be taken by judge to protect vulnerable witnesses whilst ensuring fair trial of defendant -- Matters to be considered -- Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act 1999 (c 23) (as amended by Coroners and Justice Act 2009 (c 25) s 177, Sch 21,...

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R v Kalia

     [1974] EWCA Crim J1125-1 No. 4481/C/73 IN THE COURT OF APPEAL Thursday, 21st November 1974Friday, 22nd November 1974Monday, 25th November 1974 Lord Justice Roskill Regina v. Daya Kalia Jagan Nath Kalia Surinder Singh Bhuller Harinder Singh Sahi Joginder Singh Sidhu Ramlok Sharma and Balbir Chandra Sharma (From the Shorthand Notes of Cherer & Co., 34 Essex Street, Strand, London, WC2R 3AT. Telephone Number: 01-583 4121. Shorthand Writers to the Court.)   Mr. B. RODWELL appeared on behalf of Appellants Daya Kalia and Jagan Nath Kalia. MISS A.M. TURKAN appeared on behalf of Applicants Bhuller and Sahi. Mr. J. YAHUDA appeared on behalf of Applicants Sidhu, Ramlok Sharma and Balbir Sharma. Mr. M. SAYERS and MR. C. MITCHELL appeared on...

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R v Jisl and others

All England Reporter/2004/April/R v Jisl and others - [2004] All ER (D) 31 (Apr) [2004] All ER (D) 31 (Apr) R v Jisl and others [2004] EWCA Crim 696 Court of Appeal, Criminal Division  Judge LJ, Elias and Stanley Burnton JJ  1 April 2004 Criminal evidence and procedure - Evidence - Admissibility - Cross-examination - Direction to jury - Case management - Judicial control of timetable - Fairness of trial. Customs and Excise officers conducted a surveillance operation and received information from informers and details of meetings and telephone records which led to the defendants' arrests.  In addition, a quantity of money was found at the second defendant's...

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