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Inadmissible Documents

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Weekly Law Reports (ICLR)/1979/Volume 2 /WONG KAM-MING  APPELLANT AND THE QUEEN  RESPONDENT - [1979] 2 WLR 81   [1979] 2 WLR 81 WONG KAM-MING  APPELLANT AND THE QUEEN  RESPONDENT   [PRIVY COUNCIL] [APPEAL FROM THE COURT OF APPEAL OF HONG KONG]   1978 Oct. 17, 18, 19;Dec. 20 Lord Diplock, Lord Hailsham of St. Marylebone, Lord Salmon, Lord Edmund-Davies and Lord Keith of Kinkel Crime -- Evidence -- Confession -- Admissibility -- Voir dire -- Defendant cross-examined as to truth of statement and admitting participation in offence -- Whether cross-examination proper -- Statement ruled inadmissible -- Crown adducing evidence of and cross-examining, on defendant's admissions in voir dire -- Whether...

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ICLR: King's/Queen's Bench Division/1963/Volume 1/REGINA v. RICE AND OTHERS. - [1963] 1 Q.B. 857 [1963] 1 Q.B. 857 [COURT OF CRIMINAL APPEAL] REGINA v. RICE AND OTHERS. 1962 Nov. 26, 27, 28. Ashworth, Salmon and Winn JJ. 1963 Jan. 29. Crime - Evidence - Confession - Co-defendant, by - Statement by one defendant implicating other co-defendants - Prosecution's omission to prove statement - Statement not produced by maker - Maker cross-examined by co-defendant - Whether prosecution may cross-examine maker on contents of statement - Whether prosecution may reveal making of statement by cross-examination of maker or co-defendant.   Evidence - Documentary - Airline ticket - Used ticket bearing names...

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R v Thomas Michael Treacy

All England Law Reports/1944/Volume 2 /R v Thomas Michael Treacy -  [1944] 2 All ER 229  [1944] 2 All ER 229 R v Thomas Michael Treacy COURT OF CRIMINAL APPEAL VISCOUNT CALDECOTE LCJ, HUMPHREYS AND ASQUITH JJ 11 JULY 1944 Criminal Law - Evidence - Cross-examination - Murder - Evidence of forgery to show motive introduced in cross-examination - Cross-examination to inadmissible statement by accused.   The appellant was charged with the murder of Kathleen Cornish. At the trial counsel for the prosecution put in evidence the following statement, made by the prisoner when in a state of serious ill health to a police officer, as to the...

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