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The TOBAGO BUSINESS CHAMBER urges the new President to “Adopt” Tobago

The TOBAGO BUSINESS CHAMBER extends its Congratulations to our new President, Her Excellency Christine Kangaloo on her election to the Nation's highest office. We offer her our support and our very best wishes and we urge her to adopt Tobago as a place for her special focus for initiatives and programs for the benefit of citizens and which can foster the greater growth and development of the Human Capital, the Synergies, Energies, Talent & potential, latent and inherent in the people of Tobago so as to maximize effectiveness, efficiency and Excellence. ...

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Impasse over Tobago mas gets more heated

The debate over Carnival in Tobago is becoming more heated with a cultural activist on the island insisting that mas band leaders should not get more funds. Terrance Sandiford, former Tobago region chair of the National Carnival Bands Association (NCBA), said the money being demanded by the Tobago Band Leaders’ Association should instead be invested in Carnival in October. He said there has been wastage over the years which must end if the industry on the island is the reach its full potential. There is currently an impasse between the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) and the Tobago Band Leaders Association, whose...

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Precedent for President?
Candidates with legal background got edge over years

Five of the six Presidents of Trinidad and Tobago have a background in the legal sphere and with Senate President Christine Kangaloo nominated to replace the incumbent, there will once again be an officeholder with experience in the field. However, the Constitution does not place such a criteria for someone to ascend to the office. According to chapter 3, section 23 (1) of the Constitution, “A person is qualified to be nominated for election as President if, and is not so qualified unless, he is a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago of the age of thirty-five years or upwards who at the...

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MORNING EDITION:04 JANUARY 2023 https://youtu.be/Gc-n-DYsL-s We are joined by Head of Tobago Business Chamber Martin George to get his outlook for new year. The new fares for domestic travel announced in the October 2022 budget went into effect on Sunday for both the air bridge and sea bridge. Complaints were raised by some travellers questioning the timing of the increase. Mr. George joins us via zoom now. ...

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Chamber: THA ‘rumblings’ not helping economy

Political instability is being linked to the poor sales by the Tobago business community over the Christmas period. Business owners have described the holiday season as grim and worrying for the island. Many retail enterprises waited in vain hoping to capitalise on the last-minute rush of shoppers. In an interview with Newsday, Tobago Business Chamber chairman Martin George said the low sales was not surprising. He said, “Apart from the challenges and difficulties nationally, based on the recovery efforts from the global pandemic and of course the rising costs – all goods and materials, the war between Ukraine and Russia which has pushed...

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Public condemns T&TEC rate hike

Citizens and the business community are rejecting and condemning the hike in Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC) rates proposed by the Regulated Industries Commission (RIC). The RIC announced the proposed rate hikes on Tuesday, with 15 to 64 per cent increases for residential customers. Guardian Media took to the streets of Port-of-Spain to get the reactions of the people yesterday. Helen Fraser, 74, had not heard of the news but was both surprised and frustrated. “What is there for the poor people now in this hard a** time? I start to get vulgar yes. What it have for we?” Fraser said. “I find they...

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