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TOBAGO BUSINESS CHAMBER offers its sincerest thoughts and prayers for the Honorable Prime Minister

TOBAGO BUSINESS CHAMBER through its Chairman Martin George offers its sincerest thoughts and prayers for the Honorable Prime Minister and his family at this time and the TOBAGO BUSINESS CHAMBER renews its call to vaccinate Tobago first and create an immunization bubble in Tobago, which then allows for the International Borders to be opened up through Tobago. https://youtu.be/TkVgP5--DJo ...

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Tobago Chamber to Gov’t: Give Tobago priority in covid19 vaccine rollout

The Tobago Chamber wants the island to be given priority in the Government’s covid19 vaccination rollout so that the international borders can be reopened. Chamber president Martin George said on Friday in a Whatsapp video, “If you do your vaccination for Tobago first and you create a bubble whereby you have the Tobago population fully inoculated, then you can open up your international borders immediately. “You can open up Tobago fully for business immediately and all Trinidadians can come to Tobago. They could lime, they could drink, they could party, they could have a great time.” But he said people visiting the island...

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Martin George – Fastest way to get T&T’s Economy kickstarted

TOBAGO BUSINESS CHAMBER says this is the fastest way to get T&T's Economy kickstarted and therefore calls on Government to inoculate Tobago first and open up business fully in Tobago and open up International border via Tobago and then manage the longer vaccination process for Trinidad, but in the interim Tobago would be fully open for business and fully open for Trinis to come vacation, lime, party and fete. https://youtu.be/AregUPeBxlQ ...

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Big Easter weekend for Tobago hoteliers

Tobago is expecting a bumper Easter weekend with Trinidadians flocking to the island. Responding to Newsday via WhatsApp on Tuesday, Tobago Hotel and Tourism Association (THTA) president Chris James said villas and self-catering properties are the top sellers for the long weekend. “Easter weekend has seen an increase in bookings and presently stands at 49 per cent across all property types with villas and self-catering doing best,” James said. Hinting at the limited availability of tickets on both the air- and seabridge, he said the association is advocating for more flights. “We will be speaking to the authorities to increase ticket availability for Easter....

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Duke: I don’t want Finance Secretary position

People’s National Movement (PNM) Tobago Council leader Tracy Davidson-Celestine says several Tobagonians have raised concerns over the conditions of the Progressive Democratic Patriots’ (PDP) power-sharing proposal to manage the Tobago House of Assembly. In particular, they fear the prospect of Watson Duke becoming Finance Secretary. However, in an immediate response to the concern, Duke says he is not interested in the role in the power-sharing arrangement. Davidson-Celestine addressed the issue after a walkthrough at the site of the Bacolet Indoor Sporting Facility yesterday, where she confirmed that the PDP’s formal proposal was received and the PNM executive will meet for discussions on...

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Power-sharing in THA illegal, risky—George

Attorney Martin George says Tobagonians are now ensnared in a local version of Game of Thrones, as the proposal to share control of the Tobago House of Assembly is illegal and will never work. Basing his opinion on the nature of local politics and history, George said he believes members of both parties will operate with a metaphoric “hidden sword” anxiously waiting for an opportunity to outperform or show up the other party. However, Progressive Democratic Party deputy leader Farley Augustine says they are willing to take the chance as it puts Tobago first. George applauded the efforts of the PDP to offer...

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