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Farley to PM: ‘Mind your damn business’

Farley to PM "Well just mind yuh damn business then!” That was the advice that Chief Secretary Farley Augustine had for Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley, following his call for fresh Tobago House of Assembly (THA) elections. Augustine on Monday made the comment via his Facebook page, alongside a 31-second clip of Dr Rowley speaking on a political platform. In the brief video, the Prime Minister affirms Tobago’s independence in dealing with its affairs, declaring that he “stays out of Tobago’s business”. Augustine also listed the THA’s business, according to the Fifth Schedule. The Chief Secretary’s stance comes as the Prime Minister in a...

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Watson Duke: Rowley ‘too weak to force’ THA election

Political leader of the Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) Watson Duke supports the Prime Minister’s stinging condemnation of the Tobago House of Assembly's Chief Secretary Farley Augustine and his executive, saying they did not have the mandate of the people of Tobago. In an "op-ed" statement posted on his Facebook page on Sunday, Dr Rowley said if Augustine and his Tobago People's Party (TPP) members wanted to be taken seriously by the Central Government and Tobagonians, he should arrange an early election. Speaking with Newsday on Monday, Duke agreed with the PM. “We are currently in a position where Farley and his gang have...

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THA elections – Farley on PM Rowley’s call for fresh THA elections

THA elections - Farley on Prime Minister Rowley’s call for fresh THA elections Mind your damn business! Chief Secretary Farley Augustine has told Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley to mind his business. The response comes in the wake of Rowley’s call, in an op-ed on his Facebook page on Sunday, for Augustine to call fresh Tobago House of Assembly elections, following his group of independents’ split with the Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) and announcement of the new Tobago People’s Party. Augustine had avoided comments on the issue when Guardian Media approached him on Sunday at the Tobago Jazz Experience. He did not respond to...

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‘MIND YUH DAMN BUSINESS’ “Just mind yuh damn business!” This was Tobago House of Assembly Chief Secretary Farley Augustine’s response to Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley’s call to the Augustine-led administration to seek a fresh mandate. On his Facebook page yesterday, Augustine posted a video of the Prime Minister addressing a political meeting in which he (the PM) states: “I am not involved in their business. As Prime Minister I stay out of Tobago’s business. The law keeps me out. I have responsibility as head of the Cabinet and then I am out of your business. Tobago’s business is run at the administrative level...

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Licensing officers terrorising Tobagonians

Licensing officers terrorising Tobagonians Chief Secretary of the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) Farley Augustine has taken serious issue with the Licensing Division and has accused the officers of “terrorising” the people of Tobago through tickets and road exercises. His comments follow hundreds of tickets being issued to motorists on the island over the weekend and scores of complaints about the exercises. At a media conference at the Shaw Park Cultural Complex yesterday, Augustine said while he supports that the Division has a responsibility to ensure that everyone abides by the regulations and the laws as set out for the use of motor...

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Tobago businesses concerned by limited flights

The Easter long week has served as the bright light for much of the dark period Tobago's tourism has endured during the COVID-19 pandemic. But almost a full year after most major restrictions enforced during the pandemic were lifted, business owners are still peeved that the number of flights on the airbridge has not returned to pre-pandemic levels. As a result, ahead of one of the busiest periods in their calendar, Tobago business stakeholders are already concerned that they are being shortchanged by the limited number of flights. Two weeks ago, Caribbean Airlines Ltd (CAL) made an announcement ahead of the traditionally...

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Tobago Chamber chairman: New party not inspiring confidence

TOBAGO Business Chamber chairman and attorney Martin George is accusing the THA ‘independents’ of sending mixed signals to Tobagonians. Chief Secretary Farley Augustine and members of his team met with hundreds of supporters on Tuesday at the Shaw Park Cultural Complex to set the framework for the establishment of a new, people-centred political party. But after almost five hours of deliberations, the meeting ended shortly before 10 pm without any decision being made about the name, colour and logo for the party. On Wednesday, George said he did not believe the process was inspiring much confidence in Tobagonians. “Having regard to the attempted launch...

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