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Attorney to write CoP about client shot by police

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Attorney to write CoP about client shot by police

A 24-year-old man who was shot by police in Signal Hill on Tuesday remains warded at the Scarborough General Hospital under police guard. Relatives of Shermal “Chubby” Noray, who was shot in his chest near his Lambeau/ Signal Hill Road home, claim the shooting was “unjust” and have retained attorney Martin George.

There have been conflicting reports as relatives say Noray was unarmed and relaxing in his car when police arrived and started shooting. Police claim they were fired at first and a gun was found at the scene.

George said, “Attorneys from the firm of Martin George and Company made a visit to the Scarborough Hospital where they met with Mr Noray, who was still under police guard, and they were able to speak with him and take instructions from him in relation to what transpired.”

He said that as a result, he intends to write to the Commissioner of Police regarding actions of the police in that exercise.

Noray’s brother Jamal Cordner, who was near the home when the incident occurred, told Newsday an officer attempted to plant a gun on him and then hit him a gun butt across his head when he arrived at the hospital to check on his injured sibling.

George said Noray has not yet been charged.

According to police reports, ​​around 7pm on Tuesday, SORT officers were on patrol along Lambeau Road, Signal Hill when they observed a group gathered within close proximity of each other and not adhering to the public health regulation as it relates to wearing of a face mask, by a “well-known hot spot.”

Officers said as they approached the group, three men began to run. One of the officers allegedly observed two of the men running while clutching their waist with their right hand. An officer said he saw a flash and heard a loud explosion.

Fearful for his life and that of his colleagues, he withdrew his service SIG 516 rifle and fired one round in the direction of the alleged shooter. Noray was later found on the ground bleeding.

During the same incident, around 7.03 pm, another SORT officer saw two dogs barking and running towards him and, believing his life was in immediate danger, fired one shot from his service rifle in the direction of the animals.

The scene was visited by Assistant Superintendent Joseph, Inspector Prince and Acting Corporal Moses in company with officers attached to Tobago Divisional Task Force along with crime scene experts Sgt Jones, Constable Forde and McMillan.

Two spent shells resembling that of 5.562 ammunition were recovered.


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