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LAWES v. R Citation # JM 2011 CA 106 Country Jamaica Court Court of Appeal Judge Panton, P.; Harris, J.A.; Phillips, J.A. Subject Criminal practice and procedure Date November 10, 2011 Suit No. Criminal Appeal No. 150 of 2008 Subsubject Identification by witness – Whether trial was unfair – Issue of lack of evidence – Improper police procedures – Miscarriage of justice – Quality of identification most important – Issue should have been withdrawn from jury – Appeal allowed – Conviction quashed.   Appearances: Gayle Nelson for the applicant The Crown was not represented PHILLIPS, J.A.: [1] At a trial in the Circuit Court held in Kingston before Straw, J. and a jury, between 13 and 21 November 2008, the applicant...

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R. v. HASSOCK           Citation # JM 1977 CA 16 Country Jamaica Court Court of Appeal Judge Robinson, P. | Watkins, J.A. | Melville, J.A. (Ag) Subject Criminal law Date June 17, 1977 Suit No. Criminal Appeal No. 111 of 1976 Subsubject Appeal against conviction - Firearms Appearances: Howard Hamilton for the applicant Mrs. Marva McIntosh for the crown MELVILLE, J.A. (Ag.): On the 13th day of June 1976, the applicant was convicted in the Gun Court of illegal possession of a firearm (Ct 1); robbery with aggravation (Ct II); shooting with intent (Ct IV); illegal possession of firearm (Ct V). He was acquitted on the 3rd count which charged robbery with aggravation. Counts I and II were concerned with the robbery of a Mr....

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