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560 Hostile witnesses

  Download Request: Current Document: 7 Time Of Request: Monday, February 02, 2015  15:27:13   Send To: Summer Eudoxie JUDICIARY OF TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO HALL OF JUSTICE KNOX STREET PORT OF SPAIN, TTO   Terms: (stephen's digest)   Source: All Subscribed Sources Project ID: None   Halsbury's Laws of England/CRIMINAL PROCEDURE (VOLUME 27 (2010), PARAS 1-451; VOLUME 28 (2010), PARAS 452-962)/10.  EVIDENCE AND WITNESSES/ (9)  EXAMINATION IN CHIEF/560.  Hostile witnesses.   Hostile witnesses.   A hostile witness (sometimes referred to as a witness who proves 'adverse'1) is one who is not merely disappointing or unfavourable to the party calling him, but is also, in the opinion of the court, unwilling to tell the truth at the instance...

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Tobago autonomy ‘gimmickry’

Chairman of the Tobago Business Chamber Martin George is calling on Tobago to put aside its obsession with self-governance and focus first on its economic independence. In a video sent via WhatsApp on Monday, George said if Tobago gets financial independence, all others would fall into place. George said it is “unfortunate and regrettable” that there seems to be an imbroglio over the question of the Tobago autonomy bill. “The fact of the matter is that when one considers the scenario in Tobago, the more important aspects that persons should be focussing on is to try to ensure that there is economic and...

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Tobago Chamber pays tribute to deceased hardware owner

The Tobago Business Chamber on Monday expressed condolences to the family of Curtis Phillips who died in a vehicular accident on Sunday. Phillips, the owner of TK hardware, died after his Ford Ranger crashed head-on with a Nissan Frontier along Plymouth Road, Scarborough. According to police, Phillips got out his vehicle and collapsed. He was pronounced dead at the scene by the DMO. The three occupants of the other vehicle were taken to the Scarborough General Hospital. Tobago Business Chamber chairman Martin George, in a WhatsApp video sent to the media, hailed the business acumen of Phillips whom he described as...

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Tobago gets to do what it wants

Has Tobago been allowed to spend billions of taxpayers dollars with little or no oversight and even less accountability to the people of T&T whose money it is entrusted every year? The Tobago House of Assembly by Act 37 of 1980 has been ascribed significantly more power than any other local government body in the country. In its revised legislation, a formula was set for its funding that ensures the Minister of Finance provides a minimum percentage of the national budget to the island. Part of the rationale for the governance arrangements for Tobago are that the island is under-developed re: Trinidad...

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George supports Govt’s reopening plan

“Lives before livelihoods.” That is Tobago Business Chamber’s take on Government’s phased reopening plan after most of the country was shut down to reduce the spread of COVID-19 weeks ago. Speaking with Tobago Today on the issue, the chamber’s chairman Martin George said the organisation fully supports Government’s plan as it’s “a measured and balanced attempt at reopening.” “The Tobago Business Chamber wishes to lend its support to the Government’s efforts to stage a phased reopening of the country...

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Economist suggests taxes based on business sizes, minister disagrees

As the COVID-19 crisis highlighted the vast informal sector in T&T, Economist Dr Roger Hosein believes that one of the reasons companies stay informal is due to the high cost of doing business. He has recommended that as something the Roadmap Recovery Committee should pay close attention to. Hosein said one option that should be placed on the table when the Revenue Authority comes on stream is, “to encourage small firms to cross the border from informality into formality we would probably want to consider a lower tax rate, for example, for firms employing five or less people.” In response to the suggestion...

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Tobago chamber applauds decision to reopen stores

The Tobago Business Chamber has welcomed the approach taken by the Government in speeding up the phased reopening of businesses in T&T, in light of the country’s position with COVID-19. Head of the organisation Martin George said the chamber appreciated the fact that business are opened and the economy can start moving once again. “As a business community we appreciate the fact that businesses basically are open, save and except a few, which would be bars, casinos etc, however the majority of retail businesses are able to now open and function so we appreciate that and we applaud that” he said. Meanwhile, George...

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