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Discharge of Jury

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Errol Arthurton v The Queen [2004] UKPC 25

Arthurton v R (British Virgin Islands) [2004] UKPC 25 (27 May 2004)   Privy Council Appeal No. 67 of 2003   Errol Arthurton Appellant v. The Queen Respondent FROM THE COURT OF APPEAL OF THE BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS --------------- JUDGMENT OF THE LORDS OF THE JUDICIAL COMMITTEE OF THE PRIVY COUNCIL, Delivered the 27th May 2004 ------------------ Present at the hearing:- Lord Nicholls of Birkenhead Lord Hope of Craighead Lord Rodger of Earlsferry Sir Swinton Thomas Dame Sian Elias   [Delivered by Dame Sian Elias] ------------------ Errol Arthurton appeals by special leave from a decision of the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal (British Virgin Islands) (Singh, Redhead JJA and Georges JJA (Ag), 15 July 2002) dismissing his appeal against conviction on...

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