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Duke v State

TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO IN THE HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE H.C. Cr. No 70/07 THE STATE V SAMUEL DUKE   Before the Hon. Mr Justice Rajiv Persad. Appearances: Mr. Quincy Marshall for the State. Mr. Joseph George for the Accused.   RULING   Introduction:   The Applicant is before the court upon an indictment charged with one count of Incest and one count of Serious Indecency arising out of an allegation by the Virtual Complainant that her father the accused had sex with her on the 15th October 1999.   The Prosecution has applied to the court to have tendered before the jury  evidence of the Accused’s bad character in the form of other evidence from the Virtual Complainant...

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THE REPUBLIC OF TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO IN THE COURT OF APPEAL CIVIL APPEAL 2010 – 270 CV 2010 - 004144 BETWEEN STEVE FERGUSON ISHWAR GALBARANSINGH Appellants/Applicants AND THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO Respondent PANEL:                   I. Archie C.J Weekes J.A. Soo-Hon J.A   APPEARANCES: Mr. F. Hosein S.C. and Mr. R. Dass for the First Appellant Mr. A. Mitchell Q.C. and Mr. R. Persad for the Second Appellant Mr. A. Sinanan S.C. and Mr. K. Ramkissoon for the Respondent   Dated: 23 February 2011 JUDGMENT We have come to the conclusion that the Court of Appeal has no inherent jurisdiction to entertain an application for bail and, in the absence of any applicable statutory provision or...

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REPUBLIC OF TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO IN THE COURT OF APPEAL Crim. App. No. 007 of 2014 BETWEEN ROGER FERGUSON APPELLANT AND   THE STATE RESPONDENT PANEL: Mendonca, J.A. Narine, J.A. Mohammed, J.A. APPEARANCES: Mr. D. Khan, Mrs. U. Nathai-Lutchman and Ms. S. Hinds for the Appellant Mr. G. Busby, Assistant D.P.P. and Mrs. A. Teelucksingh-Ramoutar, Assistant D.P.P. for the Respondent   DATE OF DELIVERY: 16th December, 2016. MAJORITY JUDGMENT Delivered by M. Mohammed, J.A., Mendonca, J.A. concurring; Narine, J.A. dissenting on Ground 6.   Introduction: On the 22ndMarch, 2012, the appellant, Roger Ferguson, was convicted of the offence of possession of a dangerous drug, namely, cannabis sativa for the purpose of...

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