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Affidavit in Support of from 12 for change of father’s name on bc where he is deceased

KAMINI PERSAUD-MARAJ IN THE HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE (Family Court Division) Claim No.  FH IN THE MATTER OF THE STATUS OF CHILDREN ACT NO. 17 OF 1981 AND IN THE MATTER OF A CHANGE OF NAME FOR MINORS PURSUANT TO THE FAMILY LAW (GUARDIANSHIP OF MINORS, DOMICILE AND MAINTENANCE ACT CHAPTER 46:08)   AND   IN THE MATTER OF AN APPLICATION FOR A DECLARATION OF PATERNITY ORDER PURSUANT TO SECTION 10 OF THE STATUS OF CHILDREN ACT FOR ****************** BY ******************   AND   ****************** (as the Guardian and Next Friend of  ******************) Applicant and ****************** Respondent ********************************** AFFIDAVIT IN SUPPORT OF APPLICATION   I, PERSON NAME of PERSONS ADDRESS, Homemaker, make oath and says as follows: ...

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Bishop v Chalerie

Citation:     TT 2007 HC 89 Title:           BISHOP v. CHALERIE Country:     Trinidad and Tobago Court:         High Court Suit No.:     Family Court Action No.: 2108/2006 Judge(s):    Tam, J. Date:          April 26, 2007 Subject:     Family law Sub subject: Cohabitational relationship – Application for property adjustment under the Cohabitational Relationships Act of Trinidad and Tobago – Delay by applicant in filing application – Statutory period expired – No evidence adduced to show hardship – Application prevented by s. 8 of the Act.   TAM, J.: Before the Court is Gail Bishop's application filed on the 30/11/06 whereby she seeks: (a) A property adjustment order. (b) A lump sum...

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Blacks v Douglas

Citation:           TT 2006 HC 88 Title:                 BLACKS v. DOUGLAS Country:           Trinidad and Tobago Court:               High Court Suit No.:           FH01796 of 2005 Judge(s):          Tam, J. Date:                October 19, 2006 Subject:           Family law Subsubject:      Cohabitational relationship – Maintenance – Lump-sum order – direct or indirect financial contributions – No evidence of financial contribution – Indirect contribution by bearing responsibility for a minor child – Applicant was a homemaker – Applicant was awarded lump sum of $70,000.   Appearances: Mr. D. Giles for the applicant. Mr. E. F. Hosein for the respondent.   TAM, J.: 1. The applicant, Loma Blacks, claims financial relief in the form of a lump-sum payment. She was never legally married to the...

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Millette v Gervais

Citation:           TT 2006 HC 30 Title:                 MILLETTE v. GERVAIS Country:           Trinidad and Tobago Court:               High Court Suit no.:           HCA 3179 of 2002 Judge(s):          Pemberton, J. Date:                May 8, 2006 Subject:           Family law Subsubject:      Relationship other than marriage – Cohabitation – Whether the relationship between the parties was governed by the Cohabitational Relationships Act 1998 – Whether the relationship met the requisite five year period – Parties cohabited for three years – Application dismissed.   Appearances: For the plaintiff: Mr. D. V. Warner. For the defendant: Mrs N. Maynard-Marshall.   PEMBERTON, J. INTRODUCTION [1] I must give an explanation for the length of time taken for this judgment. The matter came up for hearing before me on...

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Mohammed v Albert

Citation:           TT 2006 CA 27 Title:                 MOHAMMED v. ALBERT Country:           Trinidad and Tobago Court:               Court of Appeal Suit no.:           Civil Appeal No. 165 of 2004; HCA No. 1651 of 2003 Judge(s):          Warner, J.A.; Kangaloo, J.A.; Mendonca, J.A. Date:                July 31, 2006 Subject:           Family law Subsubject:      Property division – Cohabitational relationship – Adjustment – Contribution – Home purchase with lottery winnings for the benefit of the family – Trial judge's findings were supported by evidence – Decision was not plainly wrong – Appeal dismissed.   Appearances: Ms. Hyacinth Griffith for the appellant. Ms. Lynette Seebaran for respondent. (End of page 1)   MENDONCA, J.A.: 1. I have read the judgment of Warner, J.A. and I...

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Delzine v Stowe

`Citation:          TT 2002 HC 111 Title:                DELZINE v. STOWE Country:           Trinidad and Tobago Court:              High Court Suit no.:           H.C.A. No. 3007 of 2001 Judge(s):         Mendonca, J. Date:               July 21, 2002 Subject:           Family Law Subsubject:     Unmarried couple - Application for property division and maintenance - Cohabitational Relationships Act, 1998   Appearances: Mr. P. Lamont for the plaintiff. Mr. I. Benjamin for the defendant.   MENDONCA, J.: The plaintiff by summons dated November 19th 2001 applied under the Cohabitational Relationships Act, 1998 (the Act) for maintenance for himself and for the transfer of part of the defendant's interest in the following properties: (end of page 1)   (i)   No. 2 Coastal Drive, Windsurf, Westmoorings-By-the-Sea (ii)   29 East Windsurf Road,...

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Hutchinson v Gaskin

Citation:           TT 2007 HC 218 Title:                 HUTCHINSON v. GASKIN Country:           Trinidad and Tobago Court:               High Court Suit No:            FH 01582 of 2006 Judge(s):          Tam, J. Date:                November 2, 2007 Subject:           Family law Subsubject:      Property – Cohabitational relationship – Application for an adjustment order – Real property – Land valued at $200,000 – Building valued at $200,000 – Repairs to property performed – Parties have two children – Beneficial ownership of the property was vested in the respondent – Applicant made no contribution to the acquisition of the property – Applicant made non-financial contribution as homemaker and parent – Applicant made direct financial contribution to maintenance and repair of...

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La Fon v Velasquez

Citation:           TT 2008 HC 275 Title:                 LA FON v. VELASQUEZ Country:           Trinidad and Tobago Court:               High Court Suit No.:           FH 01054 of 2006 Judge(s):          Ramkerrysingh, J. Date:                November 19, 2008 Subject:           Family law Subsubject:                  Common-law relationship – Applicant sought lump sum payment – Judge preferred evidence of respondent – Respondent entitled to claim monies spent directly on the house, monies paid to lease applicant’s secured car and a sum to represent significant contribution to the family.   Appearances Mrs. Lynette Seebaran Suite for the petitioner Mrs. Janice Clarence-Quamina for the respondent   RAMKERRYSINGH, J.: Although I have already delivered judgment in this matter I thought that it was important to write a...

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Kipps v Lord

Citation:           TT 2009 HC 4 Title:                 KIPPS v. LORD Country:           Trinidad and Tobago Court:               High Court Suit No.:           FH 547 of 2008 Judge(s):          Gibson, J. Date:                (undated) 2009 Subject:           Family law Subsubject:      Cohabitation – Property Adjustment – s.10 Cohabitational Relationships Act – Promise to marry – Both names on deed – Downpayment for property provided by mother of respondent and mortgage payments paid by respondent until default when paid for by respondent – Court awarded 45% interest to respondent.   Appearances:- Mrs. Hayma Ramdhanie Seemungal for the applicant. Mr. Brian Busby for the respondent.   GIBSON, J.: The applicant by Notice of Application for Financial Relief dated 27th March 2008 has applied for an...

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Chaitram v Dookie

Citation:           TT 2009 HC 55 Title:                 CHAITRAM v. DOOKIE Country:           Trinidad and Tobago Court:               High Court Suit No.:           FH 436 of 2007 Judge(s):          Ramkerrysingh, J. Date:                March 26, 2009 Subject:           Family law Subsubject:      Cohabitational relationship – Administration of Estates – Whether applicant satisfying conditions enabling her to benefit from deceased's estate – Distribution of Estates Act, 2000 s. 3 – Prerequisites for entitlement – Applicant not satisfying prerequisites – Application dismissed.   Appearances: Mr. Kweku Wilson for the applicant. Ms. Ramesh Deena for the Interested Parties.   Introduction and Summary Ramkerrysingh, J.: The Distribution of Estates Act, 2000 ("the Act") gives clear guidelines on the prerequisites that an applicant must meet in order to establish...

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