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Where is CAL CEO?

Where is CAL CEO?Tobago Chamber head: TOURISM Minister Randall Mitchell is hopeful that the entire situation with Caribbean Airlines (CAL) is resolved in the shortest possible time. “It is our hope that the issues resulting in the cancellation of flights and the disruption to CAL’s schedule are speedily resolved so that travellers’ flights will be rescheduled with the least inconvenience possible,” Mitchell said. This comes on the heels of Caribbean Airlines flights having to be cancelled on the domestic, regional and international routes on Sunday following pilots calling in sick. And as flights slowly returned to the skies, the Division of Tourism at the...

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Tobago Chamber knocks CAL over flights: Airbridge mismanaged for too long

Tobago Chamber knocks CAL over flights The Tobago Business Chamber has condemned what it calls the continued mismanagement at Caribbean Airlines (CAL) and its negative effect on the economy. The comments came from chairman of the chamber Martin George. On Sunday, thousands of Caribbean Airlines (CAL) passengers were left stranded when 37 flights – 13 international, 14 domestic and 11 regional – were cancelled after pilots called in sick. In a release on Facebook on Sunday evening, the airline said it had a "remarkably high volume" of calls from pilots saying they were unwell and could not work. The calls came about three hours...

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Analyst: TPP’s criticism of state agencies could affect party’s growth

Analyst: TPP's criticism of state agencies could affect party's growth POLITICAL analyst Dr Bishnu Ragoonath says the Tobago People's Party's (TPP's) confrontation with state agencies may affect its growth as a new political institution. He also dismissed Chief Secretary Farley Augustine’s allegation that Police Commissioner Erla Harewood-Christopher is in cahoots with the government to undermine the THA. Both issues were raised on the TPP's platform on Sunday at the party’s launch in Scarborough. Ragoonath told Newsday, “I disagree with their view that licensing officers cannot come to Tobago and that the police (are) doing the PNM’s bidding. State institutions have every right to be...

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Differing views on stand-your-ground

Independent senator and psychiatrist Dr Varma Deyalsingh says he has been a victim of crime five times. He said he will strongly support any policy or legislation to enact stand-your-ground defence by citizens. There has been comment and discussions ever since Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar promised to introduce legislation for stand your ground if the UNC wins the next general election. While many support it, at least two attorneys have spoken out against it. On Friday, attorney Martin George called on Persad-Bissessar to address concerns on her proposed stand-your-ground legislation and ensure it was not tainted by racial bias. A Friday article quoted George...

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Attorney calls on Kamla to address racial undertones in stand-your-ground proposal

Attorney calls on Kamla to address racial undertones in stand-your-ground proposal ATTORNEY Martin George has advised Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar to address concerns surrounding her proposed stand-your-ground legalisation and assure it is not tainted by racial bias. He further called on her to clarify that this piece of law won't negatively affect people based on their ethnicity. He said without proper understanding and careful consideration, the implementation of stand-your-ground laws could create more problems than solutions, exacerbating existing societal issues. In a video statement on Friday, George said it is crucial to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and justly by the law. Earlier this...

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Article 59 – Public Procurement – An Effective Vanguard of The Public’s Interest or a Paper Tiger

Public Procurement – An Effective Vanguard of The Public’s Interest or a Paper Tiger Attorney-at-lawMartin Anthony George & Co.Attorneys-at-law (Research Assistance provided byDarrell Bartholomew, Attorney at Law) MAGCO DAILY LEGAL LESSONS DISCLAIMER: Please note this does NOT constitute LEGAL ADVICE or LEGAL CONSULTATION, which you should get from your own Attorneys and this is being shared with the general public for the purposes of information and discussion ONLY. INTRODUCTION Procurement refers to the process by which an entity purchases goods and services, normally in the context of a business, company, government organisation or non-governmental organisation. Generally speaking, and whether the procurement is being undertaken by a...

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Attorney warns about racial undertones of stand your ground

Attorney warns about racial undertones of stand your ground Attorney Martin George has warned that while the United National Congress is promoting its stand your ground proposal, efforts must be made to ensure there are no racial undertones However, former UNC MP Dr Fuad Khan has called for snipers to be placed in business places to shoot those who come to steal and kill and says human rights should not apply when dealing with gangs. Inter-Religious Organisation head, Pundit Lloyd Mukram Sirjoo, also weighed in, supporting the UNC’s concept. They and several others commented yesterday on UNC leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar’s “light em up” and...

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Gary’s wife wants Erla, Jacob to answer: Did you tap my phone?

Gary’s wife wants Erla, Jacob to answer: Did you tap my phone? The wife of National Transformation Alliance’s (NTA) Political Leader Gary Griffith is challenging the Commissioner of Police (CoP) to break her silence and reveal if the T&T Police Service (TTPS) intercepted communications to her personal mobile device. Speaking at the NTA’s meeting in Diego Martin on Wednesday night, Nicole Dyer-Griffith said she and her husband were reliably informed that her cellular phone was a target of the TTPS. “A whistleblower brought to Gary and my attention that politicians were allegedly instructing law enforcement officials to target political opponents, using technology that...

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