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[Update] Sawh asks Medical Board for more time to respond to complaints

DESPITE Dr Avinash Sawh publicly apologising and owning up to making racist remarks, his attorney, Martin George, has asked the Medical Board to give them until mid-December to respond to complaints. Sawh was recently heard making racist, obscene and discriminatory comments in voice messages that went viral on social media. He boasted about being a “multi-millionaire,” calling the police “dunce, uneducated and poor.” He also asked for anyone who applied to be a nurse at his office to send a photo ID, since his patients prefer nurses of a specific race. The San Fernando-based doctor has since apologised. He said at a press...

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Kambon: Sawh’s apology doesn’t hold water

Emancipation Support Committee director Khafra Kambon said he is not convinced by the apology of Dr Avinash Sawh. Sawh apologised for his racially-charged rant which surfaced on social media over the weekend. Speaking with Newsday on Wednesday, Kambon said while he hoped Sawh received professional, psychiatric help, he was also concerned for the well-being of patients under his care. "In a situation like this where a man is a doctor and he has these feelings, is cause for concern. "If I myself went to him for treatment, I wouldn't feel very comfortable knowing he felt that way about me." Kambon also said a more practical...

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Dr Lall Sawh: Avinash is no relation

CONSULTANT urological surgeon Dr Lall Sawh said he has fallen victim to the racist rant of another doctor with the same surname, and wants to make it clear that he is separate and distinct from the junior Sawh. He declared, "I regret I have to share the same surname with him, although we are not related." Sawh, 69, who has had a long career introducing revolutionary treatment in his field, said people are mistaking him for Dr Avinash Sawh. The latter who was caught making racist, obscene and discriminatory comments in voice meassages that were circulated on social media. Avinash Sawh has since apologised...

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THE HIGH COURT HAS ORDERED OUTSTANDING MONIES OWED TO TEACHERS BE PAID. Martin George and Company got the Official Order from the Court today and are calling upon the THA to pay all Tobago Teachers ALL their outstanding monies and gratuities plus interest, in accordance with the Order of the High Court made in this Constitutional Motion. ...

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Doctor apologises for racist rant, pledges to promote equality

Less than a week after he became the centre of controversy for making racially insensitive remarks towards an employee, Dr Avinash Sawh has issued a formal apology to his family, his employees, colleagues, the police and the nation. Sawh's remarks surfaced in a recorded telephone conversation over the weekend in which he was heard making racist comments about people of African descent and members of the police. At a media conference on Wednesday morning at his attorney Martin George’s office in Port of Spain, Sawh read a prepared statement in which he apologised to his employee Ariel Figaro and "unreservedly apologised" to...

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Tobago Chamber: Make Tobago VAT-free zone

With Budget Day set for October 5, the Tobago Business Chamber is proposing several ways in which the Government can stimulate Tobago’s economy. One such proposal is to make Tobago a VAT-free zone. In a WhatsApp voice note on the Chamber’s budget proposal, chairman Martin George said changing the island’s VAT-status is not a new proposal as the Chamber “floated” the idea before. “We are requesting that Tobago be made a totally VAT-free zone. It is not impossible. You have places like Panama, where they have within the country a declared duty-free zone. We think that will also help to stimulate greater investment...

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