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Tobago Chamber urges strategies to revive business sector

The Tobago Business Chamber is urging the Government to implement creative strategies to ensure a quick revival of business activity and economic development after its anti-covid19 measures are lifted. At a news conference on Friday, the Government tightened several of its existing measures and implemented new ones in an effort to contain the spike in covid19 infections. The Prime Minister observed there is still too much congregating taking place and urged Police Commissioner Gary Griffith to instruct his officers to use a heavy hand to eliminate gatherings. In response, Griffith has said he would increase foot and mobile patrols. In a WhatsApp voice note...

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Tobago Chamber: Without mass vaccination, TT spinning top in mud

Tobago Business Chamber president Martin George has called for a "proper plan for vaccination" to accompany the stringent measures implemented by the Prime Minister on Monday. Dr Rowley announced the closure of all food outlets and non-essential retail businesses from midnight until May 23. George said he understood why the strict restrictions were announced, but "mass vaccinations" should be taking place during this time. George said, "The Tobago Business Chamber notes with concern the latest restrictions imposed by the Government and while we express out continued support to curb and control this pandemic, without a proper plan for vaccinations you can't just simply...

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George: Don’t shut down every time cases rise

Chairman of the Tobago Business Chamber Martin George says the country has to find ways to “creatively and meaningfully live with the virus” and while he understands that the government must take steps to slow the spread of COVID-19 it’s not enough to just shut down the economy when cases increase. The Tobago Chamber head is once again calling for mass vaccination which he said is the key to economic recovery. Responding almost immediately to Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley’s announcement of additional COVID-19 restrictions yesterday, the prominent attorney said he believes that the only way to manage the economy while navigating...

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Article 35 – Quantum of Damages Payable in Motor Vehicular Collisions – Remedies

By: Jonathan A. Stevenson This lesson provides information on: The Principles of Recoverability General Damages Loss of Amenities Loss of Future Earnings Loss of Earning Capacity Future Medical Expenses Special Damages Medical Expenses Loss of Earnings Damage to and Destruction to Property Traveling Expenses Domestic Assistance Interest Motor vehicular accidents are unexpected, but certainly possible, they are events that can occur daily. They range from simple fender benders that have minor impacts on people’s lives, to collisions which can leave persons severely injured, crippled or dead. The question that arises in these cases is what legal remedies are available to those people who suffer injuries, losses, and damages as a result of these motor vehicular...

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By: Ashelle Edwards Attorney-at-Law  Martin Anthony George & Co. This lesson provides information on: Ascertaining the Assets and Liabilities Solvency or Insolvency of the Estate Insolvent Estates Agreement between the LPR and Creditors Administration under Direction of the Court Administration Under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act Ch 9:70 Order of Payment of Debts Funeral, Testamentary and Administration Expenses Secured Creditor/Secured Debt Preferred Debt Ordinary Debt Deferred Debt Solvent Estates- Intestacy Solvent Estates- Testate A. Introduction  After a Legal Personal Representative (hereinafter referred to as “LPR”) of a deceased’s estate has obtained a Grant of Representation, that being either a Grant of Probate to an Executor, a Grant of Letters of Administration with Will Annexed or a Grant of Letters...

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