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The Police Service Commission (PSC) will decide if Stephen Williams will continue as Acting Commissioner of Police in two weeks' time. Mr. Williams' term ends on January 31st and the PSC Board will review his submitted reports and recommendations from Thursday to determine whether he will stay on as Acting Commissioner. The PSC Board will also review his plans for combating crime, in particular the outbreak of homicides at the start of 2014. But attention will also be given to reports submitted on how the police will deal with curbing gang violence and activity. PSC Board Member, Attorney Martin George, said Mr. Williams' assertions...

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TOBAGO CARNIVAL 2015 -THE WAY FORWARD Mr.George speaks from the Perspective of an observer, he states that its "foolish" to  attempt to have Tobago carnival at the same time as Trinidad.  Let Trinidad have their carnival at the carded period of February/March and Tobago have their Carnival later in the year. He also suggested in the panel discussion that Tobago Mas band leaders should collaborate with Trinidad Mas band leaders  to create Tobago carnival on the same scale as Trinidad Carnival....

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NO CONFIDENCE MOTION AGAINST OPPOSITION Mr. Martin George Attorney at Law Speaks on Rise & Shine, Channel 5 Tobago about the "NO CONFIDENCE MOTION AGAINST THE OPPOSITION".  Mr. George says- It’s truly a sad day for T&T to witness what our elected representatives are passing off as "Parliamentary Debate".  We the people of Trinidad & Tobago needs to draw a line and stop "This Crap". This is a Tragedy, if this is the level that politicians are taking to debate in Parliament, why should we take anything that they have to say seriously? Mr. George also speaks on the PM's  responses to reporters when asked, what is the long...

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Attorney at Law Martin George says doctors should be held accountable for acts of malpractice in Trinidad and Tobago. His statement comes over the death of baby Simeon, the newborn who died after a botched C-section at the Mount Hope Women's Hospital on Carnival Saturday. Mr. George said there are systematic shortcomings in the health sector that must be addressed. "Education and information, those are the things you are supposed to use to make your system better. But if you just sweep it under the rug and brush it aside and you just continue, business as usual, then you will continue with these...

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What is Libel & Slander? Libel and Slander Two torts that involve the communication of false information about a person, a group, or an entity such as a corporation. Libel is any Defamation that can be seen, such as a writing, printing, effigy, movie, or statue. Slander is any defamation that is spoken and heard. Collectively known as defamation, libel and slander are civil wrongs that harm a reputation; decrease respect, regard, or confidence; or induce disparaging, hostile, or disagreeable opinions or feelings against an individual or entity. The injury to one's good name or reputation is affected through written or spoken words...

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  Attorney Martin George says there is nothing in the Dog Control legislation that could have prevented the death of 84 year old Sylvia Roberts who was mauled to death by her son's pitbulls on Tuesday afternoon. Speaking on CTV's First Up Morning Programme on Wednesday, he said the Act is designed to protect members of the public from attacks, and does nothing to prevent private incidents. "In those circumstances where it's your own dog that has turned on a family member, then criminal liability is really hard to establish and I don't think the legislation envisages that type of scenario."...

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Attorney-at-Law Martin George is commending the decisive actions taken by police officers to shoot Christopher Reid who was seen placing a gun to the head of his estranged common-law wife on Duke Street in Port of Spain on Wednesday. According to reports, during the fight Mr. Reid pulled out a gun and placed it to his common-law wife's head and was shot and killed by a police officer who was passing in an unmarked vehicle. Mr. George told Good Morning Trinidad and Tobago that the woman's life was at risk and the police officers did their job. "I think that the police officers...

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Carla Batson-Orr is suing the Division of Education, Youth Affairs and Sport (DEYAS)

Friday, September 20, 2013 Police Complaints Authority Probes Strip Search by Tobago Officers Carla Batson-Orr is suing the Division of Education, Youth Affairs and Sport (DEYAS) after she said she was forced to undergo a strip search. photo courtesy express The Police Complaints Authority (PCA) is investigating the circumstances surrounding the strip search of Carla Batson-Orr, a monitoring and evaluation officer at the Division of Education, Youth Affairs and Sport in the Tobago House of Assembly (THA). This was disclosed in a letter to Martin George and Company, which is representing Batson-Orr in the matter. The letter to attorney George states: “The Police Complaints Authority acknowledges receipt...

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