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Name of Case:  Anthony Jordan v The North Central Regional Health Authority CV 2012-                                           03889 Date of Judgment: 2nd June 2015 Judge Presiding: The Honourable Mr. Justice Peter A. Rajkumar Case Summary: The Claimant was involved in a motor vehicular accident on 21st November 2008. He sustained injury, including a fracture to his right hip. On 22nd November 2008, he was taken to the defendant’s hospital, after being transferred from the Sangre Grande Hospital and was discharged the same evening without it...

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RISE IN MATERNAL DEATHS AT HOSPITALS … TEWARIE: Good work in Law, Economy; Not in Health Care performance

Planning Minister Dr Bhoe Tewarie said yesterday there have been “positive interventions” in the areas of crime and law and order, economic growth, job creation and competitiveness and innovation in the country. However, there was negative growth in areas like the murder detection rate, the contribution of agriculture to the Gross Domestic Product and health care services, especially in the area of maternal mortality. Tewarie gave this overview yesterday at the media launch of the 2014 Annual Performance Report, and the National Monitoring and Evaluation Policy (M&E) at the Eric Williams Financial Complex, St Vincent Street, Port of Spain. The third report was...

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THA Chief Secretary Orville London has said the Tobago House of Assembly intends to appeal Wednesday's ruling against it in the Port of Spain High Court, before Justice Nadia Kangaloo. “Based on the comments and the recommendations, the initial recommendations from the legal counsel, it is more than likely the decision would be appealed, because there are at least four or five grounds where we believe the judge has erred in law,” London said. He said the THA Act of 1996 is subject to various interpretations, and this serves as a wake up call for all of Tobago. London said this government was...

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THE government has won a major court battle against the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) after the Orville London-led authority filed a constitutional motion which was determined in the Hall of Justice before Justice Nadia Kangaloo. Justice Kangaloo ruled against the THA which was represented by Elton Prescott SC and Phillip Lamont while the Attorney General was represented by Seenath Jairam SC, Larry Lalla and Martin George. The judgment defined the relationship between the THA and Central Government especially when it comes to matters of policy making and enforcement by Cabinet and Central Government in respect of the areas set out in...

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by Francis Joseph A MENTALLY ILL man who pleaded guilty to shooting at three policemen was yesterday placed on a $10,000 bond and ordered to report to a probation officer on the first day of each month for the next ten years. Justice Lennox Deyalsingh, presiding in the Port-of-Spain Second Assize Court, told Clement Charles that if he breached that order, he (Charles) was liable to be brought back to court and face a ten-year prison term. Charles, of Talparo, had pleaded guilty on Tuesday to shooting at police officers Nadir Khan, Clayton Andrews and John Ramdeen on June 20, 1983, near his...

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Appeal Court judges case in record time

by Suzanne SheppardExpress, March 5, 1996LEGAL HISTORY was made yesterday after the Court of Appeal heard arguments and delivered a ruling on a conviction imposed just over three months ago in the Port of Spain High Court. It was the first time an appeal had been disposed of in such a short space of time (appeals are generally not heard until several years after the original trial).   The landmark decision was delivered by Chief Justice Michael de Labastide, who presided over the hearing along with Appeal Court judges Roger Hamel Smith and Lloyd Gopeesingh. They upheld a rape convicton registered...

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A major constitutional motion between the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) and central government was decided yesterday at the Port of Spain High Court before Justice Nadia Kangaloo, who ruled against the THA. The judgment defines the relationship between the THA and central government, especially when it comes to matters of policy making and enforcement by Cabinet and central government, in respect of the areas set out in the Fifth Schedule of the THA Act 1996. The THA was represented by Elton Prescott SC and Phillip Lamont while the Attorney General was represented by Seenath Jairam SC, Larry Lalla and Martin George. Speaking...

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Brinsley Sheppard received some closure today, after the Tobago Regional Health Authority took responsibility in the death of his wife and newborn son. Luciana Sheppard and her son Ajani died on October 31st last year at the Scarborough Hospital. According to Mr Sheppard’s attorney, Martin George, the hospital first admitted to negligence, but has now accepted liability. In accepting liability, the TRHA also agreed (in essence) to compensate Mr Sheppard for his loss. Mr Martin meanwhile is calling for the public unveiling of a recently conducted report into Maternal and Infant Deaths at the TRHA   Extracted From: 103fm...

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