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Cabinet to address airbridge issue soon, CAL waits on word

The Cabinet is will discuss the possibility of an increase in Caribbean Airlines flights (CAL) between Trinidad and Tobago soon, Minister in the Ministry of Finance Brian Manning said yesterday. Speaking in a telephone interview, Manning said a decision should be made before Easter. He made the comment in response to calls from Tobago Business Chamber president Martin George for Government to consider an increase in flights on the domestic airbridge. “It is still not up to full capacity… this is now the biggest bugbear in terms of the accessibility to Tobago for Trinidadians and their families who wish to come to Tobago,”...

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Tobago Chamber wants Clarity on Reshuffle

CHAIRMAN of the Tobago Business Chamber attorney Martin George is calling for clarity in the Government’s decision to reshuffle the cabinet. He said the Tobago Chamber supported the Government in its decision in anything for greater business activity and business. But asked, “How will this cabinet reshuffle be beneficial to the nation and the business community?” George said, “We don’t want simply it to be a rotation, such as a merry go round. “We would like to see the Government explain the rationale, the basis for these changes and to have a frank discussion with the population as to how this will benefit...

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Chief Secretary: ‘Not the time to remove fuel subsidy’

Chief Secretary Farley Augustine has strongly urged the government to consider all aspects –particularly the fragile state of Tobago’s economy – before removing the fuel subsidy. Although the economic effects from the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the covid19 pandemic cannot be ignored, Augustine said now is not the time to remove subsidies on fuel. He was speaking at a post-Executive Council media briefing on Wednesday. At another instalment of Conversations with the Prime Minister on March 8, the Prime Minister said the country cannot be insulated from the hike in fuel prices. But Augustine said, "There are several things that we also have...

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Judge calls for accountability from judicial officers

Outspoken High Court Judge Frank Seepersad has welcomed calls for more transparency and accountability in the administration of justice.  Seepersad made the comments yesterday, after he was forced to postpone the trial of a case brought by a woman, who claims she was assaulted and falsely imprisoned by Defence Force personnel during the 2011 limited state of emergency, because of delays by attorneys in filing legal submissions. Justice Seepersad said: “Judicial officers must understand that we do not live in ivory towers and our judicial independence does not insulate us from accountability in relation to our performance. Our oath of office imposes...

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Lawyer: Vehicle mask exemption must be clarified

Throughout the pandemic, there were many incidents stemming from a difference in the interpretation of the Public Health Regulations. From private property debates to people charged with breaching the curfew while still in the confines of their premises. However, the latest amendment to exempt people from wearing masks in a vehicle occupied by family members can potentially create a similar discrepancy. Under regulations 5 (b) & (c), the exemption is given once it is occupied “members of the same family.” However, the family structure is very complex depending on a person’s circumstances. For instance, there are people who may have gotten married but did...

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Tobago hotelier worries about borderline vaccinations

Even as she welcomed the government’s decision to further ease the covid19 restrictions, Tobago Hotel and Tourism Association vice-president Carol-Ann Birchwood-James on Saturday said she was still very concerned about the country’s vaccination rate. In a statement in the House of Representatives on Friday, the Prime Minister announced an easing of restrictions in several sectors. Most notably, Rowley announced that all public servants are expected to return to work on Monday while public transportation will return to full capacity. Designated safe zones can now operate at 75 per cent capacity. He also announced that churches and other places of worship can return to...

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