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Carnival safe zone events not a good idea now, says Tobago Business Chamber

Chairman of the Tobago Business Chamber, Martin George, is urging Government to refocus its energies from attempting to host Carnival events this year in Safe Zones, and to put the emphasis instead on the education sector, the economy and battling COVID-19. In an official statement released in social media, Martin George says Government should be guided by the “record numbers of COVID cases and the disinterest of bandleaders, promoters and performers, in such events”. “Given the push back from the persons who are most concerned with running Carnival events, they have indicated that there really is not enough time to really make...

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Tobago Business Chamber questions rationale behind Carnival safe zones

The Tobago Business Chamber has questioned the Government’s rationale for sanctioning Carnival safe-zone events in light of the “record numbers of covid19 cases” and the apparent lack of interest among bandleaders, promoters and performers. On Wednesday, after months of consultation with stakeholders, the Government gave the go-ahead for strictly concert-type events. The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and the Arts said these include soca and calypso concerts, calypso tents, soca, calypso and extempo and chutney competitions, steelband concerts, Carnival king and queen shows and Carnival theatre. The ministry made it clear that no fetes/parties will be permitted, owing to the increased spread of covid19. On...

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TOBAGO BUSINESS CHAMBER questions Carnival Safe Zone events

The TOBAGO BUSINESS CHAMBER questions the logic of the Government still trying to push ahead with Carnival Safe Zone events, especially in the face of record numbers of Covid cases and the disinterest of Bandleaders, promoters and Performers, in such events. Its Chairman MARTIN GEORGE respectfully suggests that we focus our energies, resources and efforts at this time on our School children and their Education our Healthcare workers and the health system and fixing our Economy and getting it on the Road to Recovery. ...

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Tobago Business Chamber: Customer service must improve

The Tobago Business Chamber wants to see an improvement in the quality of customer service on the island. In a Whatsapp voice note on Wednesday, the chamber’s chairman, Martin George, said while the organisation welcomed the return of international flights to Tobago, the island must also enhance its customer service delivery to meet the needs of both tourists and locals. “We have to improve the quality of our service delivery, because we do not have a high level or standard or quality of service at so many of our hotels and guesthouses in Tobago. We need to improve that,” he said. “These are...

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Man sues State after multiple arrests for maintenance $$

A Tobago man is suing the State after he claimed he was wrongfully arrested and detained multiple times for allegedly being in arrears of maintenance payments. The Bagatelle father of one said the arrests took place after his son turned 18 and after all payments were deducted directly from his Tobago Regional Health Authority (TRHA) salary. Curtis Carrington said he was also arrested once at his place of employment, causing significant embarrassment and trauma, Attorney Sarah Lawrence of Martin George and Company filed the claim on December 23 on behalf of Carrington. The letter pointed out that Carrington was arrested three times for...

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2021’s Unfolding Events: The End Of Gary Griffith’s Tenure As Police Commissioner

Power 102 Digital takes a look at the year that was 2021…From Trinidad and Tobago’s response to the covid 19 pandemic, the collapse and reconstitution of the Police Service Commission and the end of Gary Griffith’s tenure as COP… It’s the Power 102 Digital 2021, year in review. 2021 saw the end of Gary Griffith’s tenure as Commissioner of Police, having head the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service since August 18, 2018. And like much like many of his decisions taken over the past three years, received criticism, his departure from office was met with controversy. The Police Service Commission, served Mr Griffith with...

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