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Guardians of Justice – Exploring the Immunities Safeguarding the Caribbean Court of Justice and the Regional Judicial and Legal Services Commission

BY: NIKEIYA HENVILE Nikeiya Henvile Attorney-at-Law Martin Anthony George & Company “The development of the principle of the rule of law is credited to the Greek philosopher Aristotle whose view was that “it is more proper that law should govern...

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Jittery THA looking to reintroduce COVID protocols

With a sharp rise in the number of people presenting classic symptoms, Tobago's administrators are very jittery over the threat of a resurgence of the COVID-19 virus. So much so that the Division of Education, Research and Technology (DERTech) has put principals of all schools on the island on notice to prepare to return to certain protocols which were in place during and just after the pandemic. But THA Chief Secretary Farley Augustine isn't leaving the precautions there. He confirmed on Wednesday that the assembly will move to reintroduce covid19 protocols at all of its offices, sub-offices and buildings across the eight divisions...

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Boundless Faith in their Destiny: Legal Realities in Trinidad and Tobago’s Refugee Landscape

Josiah Cyrus Attorney-at-Law Martin Anthony George & Company BY: JOSIAH CYRUS In the intricate mosaic of global humanitarian efforts, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) emerges as a pivotal force, tirelessly advocating for the rights and well-being of displaced individuals worldwide. As the nation of Trinidad and Tobago grapples with the complexities of migration and asylum-seeking within its borders, a closer examination of the UNHCR becomes not only pertinent but essential. In recent years, Trinidad and Tobago has found itself at the epicentre of a complex and unfolding humanitarian challenge, chief amongst which, has been the Venezuelan migration crisis. Fuelled by socio-political unrest...

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The Rights of Vehicle Purchasers  – The Lemon Law of Florida and The Sale of Goods Act of Trinidad and Tobago

AARON CHUNISINGH Attorney-at-Law Martin Anthony George & Company BY: AARON CHUNISINGH Introduction In the year 2024, it has become more common than not, to own a vehicle in Trinidad and Tobago. The issue with purchasing a vehicle is that it can be very expensive. The average person has to save for months or even years to purchase a vehicle and many persons even take loans for up to seven (7) years from financial institutions in order to accomplish this life goal, thereby incurring a long-term debt. Based on the long-term nature of these obligations, one expects that a new vehicle when purchased, would be of...

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Whistleblowing in business : Vital check against excesses or corruption

Local business leaders believe that whistleblowing continues to have its place in the corporate and business world. Leading American whistleblowing attorney Stephen M. Kohn wrote an article published on June, 2023 by Stanford University’s Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) magazine which stated that whistleblowing has proven to be an effective anti-corruption tool, whose promise to deter frauds is almost unlimited. “Whether it’s busting a billionaire banker illegally stashing money overseas, or a ship captain that ordered the dumping of oil overboard, blowing the whistle is how these crimes are detected and successfully prosecuted,” he opined. The National Whistleblower Center based in the United...

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Work not allowed on US tourist visas

Question: I am a performer and I have received offers to perform in the United States after Carnival. I already have a ten-year tourist visa; can I use this to perform in the United States? Answer: No, the “B1/B2” tourist visa does not allow the traveller to work while in the United States. If you want to work or perform in the US temporarily, you will need a specific visa based on the type of work you will be doing. It is essential that you have the appropriate visa for the activities that you will engage in while in the United States. Misuse of a...

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Paws and Laws – Navigating the Landscape of Animal Protection Legislation in Trinidad and Tobago

Nikeiya Henville Attorney-at-Law Martin Anthony George & Co. Josiah Cyrus Attorney-at-Law Martin Anthony George & Co. By: Nikeiya Henville & Josiah Cyrus In the intricate tapestry of legal frameworks, the preservation of animal welfare emerges as a critical focal point, reflecting a society's commitment to compassion and ethical responsibility in the treatment of those who are not able to speak up for, or defend themselves. This article embarks on an exploration of the laws safeguarding animals within Trinidad and Tobago, shedding light on relative local and international statutes, regulations, and evolving judicial landscapes dedicated to securing the rights and well-being of the nation's diverse fauna. As we...

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Widow of Massy worker seeks NiQuan accident report

ATTORNEYS for the widow of Massy Energy Engineered Solutions Ltd pipefitter Allan Lane Ramkissoon have written to the Prime Minister asking for a copy of the report on the accident which claimed his life on June 15, 2023. On January 4, attorney Keshavi Khoorban, of the firm Martin George and Associates, wrote to Dr Rowley asking for the report.“We write to call upon your good self as the head of Cabinet of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago to provide us with a copy of the report from the investigation into the accident which occurred on June 15, 2023 at NiQuan’s...

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Widow of worker killed at NiQuan plant wants accident report

The widow of Allanlane Ramkissoon, the Massy Energy Engineered Solutions Limited (MEES) employee who died in an accident at the NiQuan plant last year, has asked Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley for a copy of the investigation report. A letter sent by Sarah Ramkissoon’s attorney, Martin George, gives Rowley seven days to provide a copy of the report. In the letter, George said, “We write to call upon your good self as the Head of Cabinet of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago to provide us with a copy of the Report from the investigation into the accident which occurred on 15th...

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Article 60 – The Legality and Impact of Fireworks Use in Trinidad and Tobago

Josiah Cyrus Attorney-at-Law Martin Anthony George & Co. Aaron Chunisingh Attorney-at-Law Martin Anthony George & Co. By : Josiah Cyrus & Aaron Chunisingh Introduction Fireworks date all the way back to 200BC when the Chinese learnt of the explosive properties of the Bamboo plant. Years of evolution and innovation led us to the present, where gunpowder and other chemicals have been added to create the bright, beautiful and colourful explosions that many patrons look forward to enjoying during annual celebrations such as Republic Day, Independence Day, New Year’s Day and Divali. By the 18th Century, fireworks became a global symbol of celebration and joy, intrinsically linked to those...

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