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Whistleblowing in business : Vital check against excesses or corruption

Local business leaders believe that whistleblowing continues to have its place in the corporate and business world. Leading American whistleblowing attorney Stephen M. Kohn wrote an article published on June, 2023 by Stanford University’s Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) magazine which stated that whistleblowing has proven to be an effective anti-corruption tool, whose promise to deter frauds is almost unlimited. “Whether it’s busting a billionaire banker illegally stashing money overseas, or a ship captain that ordered the dumping of oil overboard, blowing the whistle is how these crimes are detected and successfully prosecuted,” he opined. The National Whistleblower Center based in the United...

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Work not allowed on US tourist visas

Question: I am a performer and I have received offers to perform in the United States after Carnival. I already have a ten-year tourist visa; can I use this to perform in the United States? Answer: No, the “B1/B2” tourist visa does not allow the traveller to work while in the United States. If you want to work or perform in the US temporarily, you will need a specific visa based on the type of work you will be doing. It is essential that you have the appropriate visa for the activities that you will engage in while in the United States. Misuse of a...

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This letter brings back one of my fondest memories coming out of the gargantuan and cataclysmic Court battles between CENTRIN & CSM -V- ISPATT. I was mere months into the start of my Legal career, having been just called to the Bar and here I was, involved in what was the biggest, costliest Court battle of the time which raged on for months and months, with endless twists and turns, plots and sub-plots. Oh what a joy and pleasure it was, to be part of this phenomenal Learning experience. To see Frank Solomon S.C.,(now deceased), Ralston Nelson (now S.C. and retired...

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THE HIGH COURT HAS ORDERED OUTSTANDING MONIES OWED TO TEACHERS BE PAID. Martin George and Company got the Official Order from the Court today and are calling upon the THA to pay all Tobago Teachers ALL their outstanding monies and gratuities plus interest, in accordance with the Order of the High Court made in this Constitutional Motion. ...

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Doctor apologises for racist rant, pledges to promote equality

Less than a week after he became the centre of controversy for making racially insensitive remarks towards an employee, Dr Avinash Sawh has issued a formal apology to his family, his employees, colleagues, the police and the nation. Sawh's remarks surfaced in a recorded telephone conversation over the weekend in which he was heard making racist comments about people of African descent and members of the police. At a media conference on Wednesday morning at his attorney Martin George’s office in Port of Spain, Sawh read a prepared statement in which he apologised to his employee Ariel Figaro and "unreservedly apologised" to...

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