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Tobago Chamber: Without mass vaccination, TT spinning top in mud

Martin George & Company > Tobago Business Chamber  > Tobago Chamber: Without mass vaccination, TT spinning top in mud

Tobago Chamber: Without mass vaccination, TT spinning top in mud

Tobago Business Chamber president Martin George has called for a “proper plan for vaccination” to accompany the stringent measures implemented by the Prime Minister on Monday.

Dr Rowley announced the closure of all food outlets and non-essential retail businesses from midnight until May 23.

George said he understood why the strict restrictions were announced, but “mass vaccinations” should be taking place during this time.

George said, “The Tobago Business Chamber notes with concern the latest restrictions imposed by the Government and while we express out continued support to curb and control this pandemic, without a proper plan for vaccinations you can’t just simply have the restrictions. Without that, we’re spinning top in mud.”

George said TT is finding itself in a detrimental cycle.

“If you look at it, one year later after the massive lockdown of 2020, here we are with another lockdown. The countries that have vaccinated have shown the way. They have shown that with the vaccinations they are able to open the economy faster.

“That is the only way TT can see its way out of this crisis.”

George said the Government must announce its plan.

“The populations is saying: give us your plan for mass vaccination of the population to achieve herd immunity.”

The Ministry of Health resumed its vaccination drive on Monday at 29 sites across the country.

Rowley recently announced that the Government will not be using reserving jabs to complete the two-dose inoculation of the AstraZeneca vaccines but will administer as many first doses to the population as possible.

TT is expected to receive its second trance of vaccines from Covax this month.


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