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George: Fix Tobago first

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George: Fix Tobago first

With the full reopening of beaches and other water courses, Tobagonians and by extension the island’s business community is hopeful for economic recovery, however according to Tobago Business Chamber President Martin George, despite several attempts in the past to boost tourism, the real focus was lacking.

He told Loop News:

“The attempts at marketing Tobago have been woefully abysmal in the past, in that there appears to be no clear idea, definition or focus as to what they’re doing. It’s been basically a collection of joy rides by politicians… instead of trying to make something out of Tobago.”

Noting that in some cases stand- by passengers hoping to catch a flight to the island end up waiting longer than a person who is flying to another country, George is calling on the relevant authorities to do what they must to improve the tourism product the island holds.

“It’s absolutely absurd, this is something that ought to be a priority to the Government, and I call upon the Government and the Prime Minister too, he has the Chairman of Caribbean airlines with him there in Qatar, use the opportunity and tell him to fix Tobago.”

A release from the airline on Thursday said talks on air services agreement between Trinidad and Tobago and Qatar is underway.

It said Ronnie Mohammed, CAL chairman, in discussions with officials from Qatar Airways explored prospects for developing the relationship between the two carriers with a focus on passenger and cargo operations. In the release, Mohammed said a relationship with the carrier would increase the potential for CAL to expand connectivity, increase trade and offer more choices for customers.

However George told Loop News that it makes no sense to plan ahead if the issue at hand is not fixed:

“I’m making an appeal to Caribbean Airlines they need to increase the number of flights to Tobago. It is unacceptable, they need to fix here first.”

Date: February 24, 2022

By: Beena Mahase

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