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George: Make Tobago a safe zone against criminal activities

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George: Make Tobago a safe zone against criminal activities

The Tobago Business Chamber has expressed its concern over the rising levels of crime and criminality that the country has been witnessing. However according to its’ Chairman Martin George, while the chamber understands the constraints the police service may have to operate under, they’re calling on the authorities to make an extra effort:

“We call upon the Commissioner of Police to at least make a start by creating a completely safe zone in Tobago”

He said this should be done by ensuring that the borders of Tobago are “secured, safe and free from the importation of illegal guns and drugs.” He said the police should also work toward the island being free from illegal activities as well.

“We call upon him to ensure that there are undercover officers on the sailings of the ferries, that any wanted criminals are observed on these sailings so that arrests can be made so that they do not come to Tobago and infiltrate the island.”

He’s also calling on the acting commissioner to ensure that officers on the island are diligent on the job so that they are able to ensure the safety and security “of anyone on the island… and to be able to say that of all the divisions in T&T you have one safe zone in Tobago”

George further noted that his request is ‘achievable’.

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