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What my mentor ‘Bally’ taught me about success

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What my mentor ‘Bally’ taught me about success

Mr Balliram Maharaj
Trinidad and Tobago

The road to success is paved with blood, sweat and tears.

Congrats to my mentor, father figure, guide and confidant Mr Balliram Maharaj on this momentous occasion of his book launch.

In my formative years as a young attorney, I was so fortunate to have three major mentors in my life—Anthony Sabga, Mr Isaac Mc Leod and Mr Balliram Maharaj.

I would spend hours on end with each of these three fine gentlemen discussing world issues, business ideas, the future of Trinidad and Tobago, and how we could make this beautiful nation a better place. I would sit in their offices till late at night, just absorbing know­ledge and wisdom and understanding, and learning the art and craft of business at the feet of the master.

The fact that my three mentors were all billionaires was truly serendipitous for me; but it is no coincidence on their part because hearing their life stories, you come to realise that continued and sustained business success is no accident, happenstance or luck and chance, but instead occurred over time, by dint of sheer effort, persistence, dedication, devotion, discipline and determination.

That’s why I salute Bally today and that’s why I always urge and try to motivate and inspire our young people in T&T to look around and see how many good examples we have of persons who worked hard, struggled against enormous odds and overcame obstacles, hardships and difficulties, and eventually triumphed and became successes.

We often have tendencies to want the successes without the sacrifice by avoiding the struggle, challen­ges, hard work and dedication that are necessary to make it to the top.

Our young people are often seduced by the fantasy that there’s some easy, magic way to fame and fortune—glamour and riches like they see on MTV, BET and VH1, and the numerous “reality” TV shows—which often is the furthest thing from reality because there just isn’t any real, lasting, sustainable and legitimate shortcut to business, professional and career success.

There’s no magic wand that can change you overnight From Tomato Boy to Business Magnate. At times, it’s a long, dark, lonely struggle when you may feel like giving up, but take heart, take courage and take example from one of my mentors, Balliram Maharaj.

You will see that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel and the darkest night always reveals a new dawn, a new day, a new opportunity to go out there and keep fighting, keep pushing the envelope, keep making that difference, and keep climbing that mountain till you reach the peak and pinnacle of success.

Martin George


Trinidad and Tobago

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