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Save Tobago from its leaders

On Thursday, February 16, it will be exactly five years since, at the request of the THA in 2006, the Ministry of Finance invoked an existing clause in the Foreign Investment Act of 1990 to impose on Tobago a land licensing regime for all investments by foreign nationals. This action by the THA was nothing but hollow, empty chest-beating, xenophobic triumphalism, myopic and obtuse stupidity. It was a dangerous tendency towards breeding a type of hostility and suspicion towards visitors and foreigners under the misinformation that—“they coming to t’ief we land.” This is the same type of clownish buffoonery which guided the...

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Tobago’s turning point

ALL OVER the planet, the people are having their say. That much has been powerfully demonstrated by the Brexit vote and its still-unravelling fallout. Locally, the ongoing process of selection of a new head of the PNM in Tobago continues our nation’s tradition of peaceful determination of leadership. Some 8,077 people were eligible to vote for a new PNM political leader on the island and about half of that figure turned out on Sunday. This, after much campaigning activity which led some to describe the process as having the aura of a general election. Still, as energetic as the campaign was during the purdah,...

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“What tangled single webs we weave”

There is tremendous good which can come out of the present brouhaha concerning the recent investiture of persons at the Bar and Bench with the title of Senior Counsel, if only for the fact that it makes us as a nation, examine the entire process and try to reform, repeal or re-make the process and the system, so that it is not accused of merely being a silken road towards self-aggrandisement, self-praise and self-enrichment. Every Tom, Dick and Harrypaul Public outcry has arisen and justifiably so, over the manner of the present appointments and unlike on previous occasions where there may have...

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