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A registered nurse challenges NCRHA for keeping her off the job

A registered nurse assigned to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in Mt Hope is suing the North Central Regional Health Authority (NCRHA) for keeping her off the job for six years. Corrine Cross’s lawsuit will come up for hearing on May 18, before Justice Nadia Kangaloo who, earlier this month, granted her permission to file a claim for judicial review. Cross is challenging the NCRHA’s failure, or refusal, to allow her to resume duties as an RN at the NCRHA. She is also seeking compensation for the salary she ought to have received after she was certified as fit to work from...

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Licensing officers terrorising Tobagonians

Licensing officers terrorising Tobagonians Chief Secretary of the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) Farley Augustine has taken serious issue with the Licensing Division and has accused the officers of “terrorising” the people of Tobago through tickets and road exercises. His comments follow hundreds of tickets being issued to motorists on the island over the weekend and scores of complaints about the exercises. At a media conference at the Shaw Park Cultural Complex yesterday, Augustine said while he supports that the Division has a responsibility to ensure that everyone abides by the regulations and the laws as set out for the use of motor...

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Tobago mom sues principal over school entry ban

Tobago mom sues principal over school entry ban A Tobago woman has filed an application in the high court against the principal of the Scarborough Secondary School and the Tobago House of Assembly after she was banned from entering the school’s premises. A Tobago woman has filed an application in the high court against the principal of the Scarborough Secondary School and the Tobago House of Assembly after she was banned from entering the school’s premises. The woman’s daughter is a Form 4 student at the school. The application filed by her lawyers Martin George and Darrel Bartholomew last Friday According to the lawsuit, on...

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Judicial Review – Tobago mom sues principal after being banned from school

Judicial Review - Tobago mom sues principal after being banned from school A TOBAGO mother is challenging a decision by the principal of the Scarborough Secondary School to ban her from the school’s grounds. The mother’s lawsuit was filed on Friday against the principal and the Tobago House of Assembly. The mother said security guards at the school told her on June 11, 2022, she was not to be allowed on the compound. Her lawsuit says while she recognizes the authority of the principal, and by extension the THA, to manage entry to the school, she has done nothing to cause her to be...

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Tobago businesses concerned by limited flights

The Easter long week has served as the bright light for much of the dark period Tobago's tourism has endured during the COVID-19 pandemic. But almost a full year after most major restrictions enforced during the pandemic were lifted, business owners are still peeved that the number of flights on the airbridge has not returned to pre-pandemic levels. As a result, ahead of one of the busiest periods in their calendar, Tobago business stakeholders are already concerned that they are being shortchanged by the limited number of flights. Two weeks ago, Caribbean Airlines Ltd (CAL) made an announcement ahead of the traditionally...

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Tobago Chamber chairman: New party not inspiring confidence

TOBAGO Business Chamber chairman and attorney Martin George is accusing the THA ‘independents’ of sending mixed signals to Tobagonians. Chief Secretary Farley Augustine and members of his team met with hundreds of supporters on Tuesday at the Shaw Park Cultural Complex to set the framework for the establishment of a new, people-centred political party. But after almost five hours of deliberations, the meeting ended shortly before 10 pm without any decision being made about the name, colour and logo for the party. On Wednesday, George said he did not believe the process was inspiring much confidence in Tobagonians. “Having regard to the attempted launch...

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‘Liability on Solicitor General, AG’s offices in missing file scandal’

Government sources have placed responsibility and liability for the missing malicious prosecution file for the former defendants of the Vindra Naipaul-Coolman case squarely with the Office of the Solicitor General Carol Hernandez. "The Solicitor General’s Department is capable of those things. All the emails have been secured. All the paper trails have been secured, and the liability is going to rest squarely in the state department, not with the Attorney General (at the time) because the systems to track it were all put in place. "They were served. They lost ‘the file.’ They had several bites of the cherry because they got...

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Attorneys and activists welcome plan for human trafficking court

Plans announced by National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds for a special court to deal with human trafficking cases, have been welcomed by human rights attorneys and activists although they had concerns about infrastructure and sustainable funding for the proposed facility. Attorney Criston J Williams recalled that on February 24 the T&T Government told the United Nations they were developing draft policies to deal with trafficking. He questioned the rationale for the proposed court and said Hinds “should disclose the policy so we can see what the infrastructure of this is.” He said: “How we are going to train, develop the judges and...

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Prisons boss gets injunction blocking senior promotions

The injunction granted yesterday on behalf of acting Prisons Commissioner Deopersad Ramoutar, preventing the Public Service Commission (PSC) from carrying out scheduled interviews for the post of Deputy Prisons Commissioner, has been viewed as a victory by both senior and junior prison officers who are yet to be confirmed in posts they currently hold. The emergency application by attorneys Martin George & Co, filed in the High Court on March 30, was heard by Justice Frank Seepersad, who granted the injunction in favour of Ramoutar. The interviews, which were scheduled to begin at 8 am yesterday, had to be hastily postponed following...

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Prison boss goes to court again over promotion process

ACTING Prison Commissioner Deopersad Ramoutar has obtained another injunction against the Public Service Commission (PSC) over what he says is an “arbitrarily imposed” selection process and interviews for the post of deputy commissioner. Justice Frank Seepersad granted the late-night injunction on Thursday, stopping all interviews which were carded to continue at 8 am on Friday. Some interviews were done on Wednesday. The restraint prevents the PSC from filling the position of deputy commissioner without filling the vacant positions of senior superintendent and assistant commissioner. Seepersad also granted Ramoutar permission to pursue his judicial review claim over the process. In August 2022 and February,...

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