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Business chambers: Government should focus on crime in October 2 budget

Business chambers: Government should focus on crime in October 2 budget The Fyzabad Chamber of commerce and the Couva Chamber of commerce are calling for more investment in crime fighting and no more new taxes in the upcoming budget, carded to be presented in Parliament on October 2. Angela Jairam, Fyzabad Chamber president and CEO of DNA & Associates Ltd, said while other issues needed to be dealt with – such as implementing high-tech farming to attract young people, developing the tourism sector and increasing talent in vocational courses such as carpentry – none of those issues would be treated with fully...

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Tobago Chamber head calls for more vibrant agri sector

Tobago Chamber head calls for more vibrant agri sector The Tobago Business Chamber believes the current challenges surrounding inter-island cargo transportation highlight a larger issue – a need for a better established agricultural sector in Tobago. Chamber President Martin George said there was little evidence to support claims that Tobago was suffering food shortages as the MV Cabo Star undergoes repairs following a fire onboard the vessel in August. But, he said, what’s clear is that food production on the island requires urgent attention. Bridgemans Services Group (BSG), who owns the Cabo Star, has supplied interim cargo ship the MV Emprendedora, which has...

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Tobago Business Chamber: Claims of food crisis overdramatic

Tobago Business Chamber: Claims of food crisis overdramatic THE TOBAGO Business Chamber has scoffed at claims of a food crisis on the island owing to the absence of the cargo vessel MV Cabo Star from the inter-island seabridge. The boat is out of action after a fire on board on August 23. Chamber chairman Martin George said on Wednesday in a WhatsApp voice note: “As far as the claims which have been made as to Tobago running out of food and food shortages and the crises that some were clamouring about, we of the Tobago Business Chamber always try to avoid histrionics and...

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Judge orders Tobago funeral home to release man’s body to son for burial

Judge orders Tobago funeral home to release man’s body to son for burial Tobago Correspondent A High Court judge has ordered Casket Emporium Funeral Home in Tobago to release the body of a man who passed away more than a month ago. In a late-night sitting on Tuesday, Justice Avason Quinlan-Williams granted an injunction against the funeral home, ordering them to release the body of Odwin Thomas, who died on July 28. The matter was filed by Thomas’ son Handell, who was represented by attorney Martin George. Thomas alleged that on August 3 he had a meeting with the owner of the funeral home, Shirelle...

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Businessmen: Tobago seriously affected by absence of Cabo Star

Businessmen: Tobago seriously affected by absence of Cabo Star TOBAGO entrepreneurs say their businesses have been gravely affected by the shutdown of the MV Cabo Star cargo vessel. And they fear the situation could get worse the longer the vessel is out of commission. The Cabo Star is being repaired after a fire broke out onboard on August 23. Works and Transport Minister Rohan Sinanan said the vessel will be back in operation by Septemer 17. During a news conference on Thursday, Port Authority of TT (PATT) chairman Lyle Alexander said another cargo vessel has been retained to sail the seabridge until repairs to...

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Farley calls for other airlines, considers moving away from CAL

Tobago House of Assembly (THA) Chief Secretary Farley Augustine has made a passionate plea for more to be done to attract other airlines to service the local airbridge. He has even asked if Tobago should find money to lease and operate its own planes. Augustine’s call comes amid complaints by Tobagonians of challenges they continuously face on the air and seabridge. Two weekends ago, thousands of domestic and international passengers suffered disruptions with their flights after over 93 Caribbean Airlines pilots called in sick. And, last Wednesday, many passengers on board the Cabo Star were left stranded at sea for 18 hours due to...

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PNM Tobago leader: Duke, Farley have lost their way [UPDATED]

PNM TOBAGO Council political leader Ancil Dennis says Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) political leader Watson Duke and Tobago People’s Party (TPP) interim leader Farley Augustine have both “lost their way.” He was responding on Wednesday to Duke’s call for Augustine to join forces with him to discuss Tobago’s development. During a news conference on Monday at the PDP’s headquarters, Port Mall, Scarborough, Duke told reporters he had written to Augustine, the Chief Secretary, asking that they put aside their differences for the good of the island. He believes there are several issues affecting Tobagonians, none of which are being addressed by the THA. Duke’s...

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Assessments underway on Cabo Star after fire

Assessments underway on Cabo Star after fire Assessments are underway on the Cabo Star at the Port of Port of Spain after it returned to Trinidad on Saturday. On Wednesday, passengers aboard the vessel were left stranded for some 17 hours after a fire broke out in the engine room. The crew was able to isolate and quash the blaze. There were no casualties. A release from the Port Authority of T&T said the vessel made its way back to Trinidad by 2.15 p.m. on Saturday, August 26. It said the vessel is currently undertaking its inspections, re-certifications and repairs before resuming...

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Where is CAL CEO?

Where is CAL CEO?Tobago Chamber head: TOURISM Minister Randall Mitchell is hopeful that the entire situation with Caribbean Airlines (CAL) is resolved in the shortest possible time. “It is our hope that the issues resulting in the cancellation of flights and the disruption to CAL’s schedule are speedily resolved so that travellers’ flights will be rescheduled with the least inconvenience possible,” Mitchell said. This comes on the heels of Caribbean Airlines flights having to be cancelled on the domestic, regional and international routes on Sunday following pilots calling in sick. And as flights slowly returned to the skies, the Division of Tourism at the...

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Tobago Chamber knocks CAL over flights: Airbridge mismanaged for too long

Tobago Chamber knocks CAL over flights The Tobago Business Chamber has condemned what it calls the continued mismanagement at Caribbean Airlines (CAL) and its negative effect on the economy. The comments came from chairman of the chamber Martin George. On Sunday, thousands of Caribbean Airlines (CAL) passengers were left stranded when 37 flights – 13 international, 14 domestic and 11 regional – were cancelled after pilots called in sick. In a release on Facebook on Sunday evening, the airline said it had a "remarkably high volume" of calls from pilots saying they were unwell and could not work. The calls came about three hours...

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