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Doctor calls for Medical Board to resign over Sawh slurs

Dr Andre Alleyne is calling for the Medical Board to resign for “mishandling” the matter involving Dr Avinash Sawh. Sawh came under heavy public scrutiny after he was heard slinging racist and derogatory comments at one of his employees over a phone call last November. In the recording, when the employee threatened to have the police intervene, Sawh referred to policemen as “dunce n---ers” and Afro-Trinidadians as “monkeys.” Sawh later apologised to the woman and anyone else offended by his comments. The board said it had received five complaints from its members which spurred an investigation into the matter. Since then a letter the...

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Legal win for Tobago maxi drivers

With schools set to reopen on Monday, 31 Tobago maxi taxi drivers yesterday claimed a legal victory over the Tobago House of Assembly regarding the provision of transport for school children. This was confirmed by attorney Martin George, who represented drivers. George had filed a judicial review application against the THA on behalf of the 31 drivers. This was part of their bid to prevent the Public Transport Service Corporation (PTSC) from inserting itself into their longstanding contractual arrangement with THA to provide transport for students. Justice Jacqueline Wilson granted leave for drivers to proceed to judicial review against the THA on the...

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Attorney MARTIN GEORGE calls for the resignations/revocations from persons who are no longer members of the THA

Attorney MARTIN GEORGE calls for the resignations from Office or the revocations of the appointments of the persons who are no longer Members of the Tobago House of Assembly but whom, by virtue of s.36 of the THA Act are legally entitled to continue in Office. Mr. George argues that notwithstanding the strict Legal position, that from a moral, ethical and common-sense position, these persons should no longer continue to hold those Secretary and Assistant Secretary positions or portfolios and they should do the honourable thing and resign, otherwise Mr. George has indicated that his next step would be to...

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Heated debate on Chief Secretary, Executive remaining in office

Heated debate continued yesterday on how the current Tobago House of Assembly (THA) impasse could be resolved. Panellists on Tobago’s indigenous television station, Channel 5, yesterday held strong opposing views on the decision of the current THA Executive to continue to function. Economist Dr Vanus James argued that based on his interpretation of the THA Act, Ancil Dennis should have stepped down from the position of Chief Secretary, saying his term ended when the house was dissolved in November 2020. Dr James said he believed the way forward would be Representative Democracy in the THA so that the people of Tobago could determine...

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Attorney: Law says THA head remains in place

ATTORNEY Martin George said Tobago House of Assembly Chief Secretary Ancil Dennis need not give up his job or perks of office after last Monday’s tied THA election, despite calls from the PDP for him to step down.The election ended in a six-six draw between the incumbent PNM and challengers the PDP. The PNM previously held ten seats. He said the THA Act says that even when the assembly stands dissolved, the members of the THA’s executive council, namely the Chief Secretary and his/her deputy, plus others, stay in their posts. George queried calls made for Dennis to stop using the chief...

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The way to end THA deadlock is to go back to the polls—experts

Both a constitutional lawyer and a political analyst agree that the only legal and workable solution to the current deadlock in the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) is returning to the polls. Constitutional law attorney, Martin George, says with both the People’s National Movement (PNM) and the Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) getting six seats, it means there is no majority in the Assembly and as such, it will be difficult to elect a Presiding Officer or Chief Secretary if the members vote along party lines. Speaking on CNC3's The Morning Brew, Mr George said power-sharing may not be a practical solution and...

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George: THA composition must change to 13 constituencies 

Constitutional attorney Martin George says the only way to ensure a deadlock of the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) does not happen again is for parliamentarians to change the THA Act to include a 13th constituency. The People’s National Movement (PNM) and the Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) both won six seats in the THA election on Monday, leaving the Assembly deadlocked. Speaking on CNC3’s The Morning Brew to host Natalee Legore, George, who is also the head of the Tobago Business Chamber, said the only possible solution to the current impasse is to head back to the polls. He said the assemblymen can be...

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Medical board withdraws letter of complaint against Dr Sawh

A medical doctor who was recorded making vile, racist and derogatory remarks last November, may walk away unscathed because proper process was not followed. Today, the medical board withdrew its letter of complaint issued to Dr Avinash Sawh. Instead, it issued a seven-page letter to his attorney, saying the five people who initially complained, have not followed through with the official process. Reporter Sharlene Rampersad tells us more. https://www.youtube.com/embed/IFXXfpTa8ZE ...

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Medical board not done with Dr Sawh yet

The Medical Board of Trinidad and Tobago has not officially completed its probe into Dr Avinash Sawh despite withdrawing its letter dated November 15, 2020, that outlined five complaints against him. Attorney-at-law Ravesh Persad, who represents the council, said the decision to withdraw the letter was taken to allow the body to determine whether any of the persons who raised complaints were willing to complete and sign the official complaint forms. The move by the council followed several objections from Dr Sawhs lawyer, Martin George, who noted that it was improper to dispatch the letter to his client without the council first...

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