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This letter brings back one of my fondest memories coming out of the gargantuan and cataclysmic Court battles between CENTRIN & CSM -V- ISPATT. I was mere months into the start of my Legal career, having been just called to the Bar and here I was, involved in what was the biggest, costliest Court battle of the time which raged on for months and months, with endless twists and turns, plots and sub-plots.

Oh what a joy and pleasure it was, to be part of this phenomenal Learning experience. To see Frank Solomon S.C.,(now deceased), Ralston Nelson (now S.C. and retired CCJ Justice), Douglas Mendes (now S.C.); Reginald Armour (now S.C); battling it out with Ramesh Maharaj S.C., Desmond Allum (later S.C. and now departed), Gregory Delzin and myself – it was theatrics, fireworks, explosive displays of Legal pyrotechnics and of course the constant undercurrent of cutting picong, just sotto voce enough so that the Judge won’t hear, but stinging and deadly to the intended targets who would have heard it clearly.

This is where the Art of Advocacy is learnt, in the crucible, the fire-pit, in the belly of the Beast, where these Legal Titans are slugging it out, toe to toe, matching Legal punch for Legal counterpunch. Uppercut, thrust, parry, feint, bob, weave, floating like a butterfly, stinging like a bee, as your Legal barbs found their mark with telling effect.

I sometimes wonder if the younger members of the Profession get the opportunity for such uniquely profound learning experiences; because, no textbook or Lecturer or classroom at Law School can teach you this. Here you learn on the cutting edge of the finest Advicacy skills in action, live and direct, in a fully immersive 4D experience where you can’t help but absorb, drink it in, and Learn, Learn, Learn as you hone and sharpen your own Advocacy skills.

When the dust cleared and the matter was settled, Uncle Jack invited us all to come to relax, laugh, old talk, and share jokes over dinner and drinks, as we toasted to the epic battle in which I learnt first hand, about the Art of Advocacy.

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