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Tobago Business Chamber condemns CAL’s losses
“Do not blame the domestic airbridge”

Martin George & Company > Newspaper Articles  > Tobago Business Chamber condemns CAL’s losses“Do not blame the domestic airbridge”

Tobago Business Chamber condemns CAL’s losses
“Do not blame the domestic airbridge”

Chairman of the Tobago Business Chamber Martin George is blaming Caribbean Airlines Limited (CAL), not domestic flights, for the company’s losses on the airbridge.

This after CAL issued a statement last Thursday stating that domestic operations have amounted to consistent losses of US$9,613,100 as at June 2022, while its operational costs for the airbridge was US$18,777, 648.

In what he described as an “attempt by CAL to lay blame on the poor performance of the domestic airbridge for sustained losses over the years” George said the situation has nothing to do with the domestic airbridge and it is not fair to Tobagonians or Trinbagonians in general to seek to place the blame for it.

He said, “We have seen in the past, catastrophic disasters and failures of failed investments, failed ventures by Caribbean Airlines in all sorts of flights of fancy and other expensive financial forays which have only ended in their detriment, so, please do not even think of it.”

In a video statement, George said, “We reject this if it is an attempt to castigate Tobagonians and the domestic airbridge as being responsible for their sustained losses over the years. We also reject their claims especially as the THA has indicated it will take responsibility for paying for keeping the airport open to accommodate extra flights.”

George further called on the airline to clarify their position or withdraw that statement which he said seeks to place blame and castigate the domestic airbridge as being characterized by consistent losses, “as if to say that’s the reason why you cannot put on more flights.”

“I trust that, that was not their intention by putting in these figures and making that statement that the domestic operation is characterized by consistent losses…Do not insult the intelligence of the people of T&T, there is a need for more flights on the airbridge. Cost cannot be the factor, as the THA said it will foot the bill for the additional flights.”


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