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Tobago Chamber wants Clarity on Reshuffle

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Tobago Chamber wants Clarity on Reshuffle

CHAIRMAN of the Tobago Business Chamber attorney Martin George is calling for clarity in the Government’s decision to reshuffle the cabinet.

He said the Tobago Chamber supported the Government in its decision in anything for greater business activity and business.

But asked, “How will this cabinet reshuffle be beneficial to the nation and the business community?”

George said, “We don’t want simply it to be a rotation, such as a merry go round. “We would like to see the Government explain the rationale, the basis for these changes and to have a frank discussion with the population as to how this will benefit us all.”

He added the chamber continued to urge its members to have their staff, customers and guests exercise the public health protocols for Covid-19.

“We also encourage the Government to keep exploring opportunities to expand business interest in Tobago and to give incentives and initiatives to secure a more sustainable business future for the persons in Tobago who are the entrepreneurs, small operators, medium and even some of the large operators.”

By Chantalé Fletcher

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