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Martin George: Forget about Tobago Carnival for 2022

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Martin George: Forget about Tobago Carnival for 2022

Head of the Tobago Business Chamber, Martin George, strongly believes Government should forget about staging any kind of Carnival activity for 2022, especially for Tobago.

“The time frame left for planning and putting on any semblance of a carnival 2022 is insufficient and therefore, safe zone or not, carnival 2022 should not be a major consideration for Trinidad and Tobago, but more so Tobago,” George argues.

According to George, not enough thought has gone into the planning of any of the events being proposed at present.

“It does not appear realistic or feasible to push ahead with this half-baked duck of an idea to have a safe zone carnival at this point, particularly in Tobago,” he said.

“Even at the best of times—even with no pandemic—where you have the full gamut of Carnival activities, Carnival in Tobago is usually very slow compared to Trinidad,” he points out.

The Tobago Business Chamber boss maintains Tobago should focus its efforts on what it is known for and good at and should look at this time as an opportunity to do a major reset.  

He recommends that should the Tobago House of Assembly choose to retain Tobago Carnival, then they should consider hosting it at a different time of year.

“Have your Carnival in Tobago in the month of September, which is a traditionally slow period,” he proposes.  

As far as he is concerned, Tobago should not be competing with Trinidad Carnival, trying to offer a similar festival buffet.  He argues that Tobago Carnival should be scrapped altogether.

“Tobago needs to understand the product it has.  During Trinidad’s Carnival, Tobago is the alternative… the escape from Trinidad’s Carnival and all the frenzied, frantic festivities,” he points out.  ““Most people flock to Tobago after Trinidad Carnival to relax and unwind. So why not make your [Tobago’s] whole Carnival season the place of relaxation for everyone?”

Martin George says there are many more important issues facing the country right now—rising death rates from COVID-19; resuscitating the economy; ensuring school children have a future; getting a handle on the crime situation—and that’s where Government should be putting its attention.

Martin George was a guest on CNC3’s “The Morning Brew” show on Wednesday 26 January 2022.


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