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Tobago Chamber: Carnival safe zone events not practical at this time

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Tobago Chamber: Carnival safe zone events not practical at this time

The Tobago Business Chamber is urging the Government to focus its energies on other pressing matters, instead of pushing ahead with its proposed “Taste of Carnival”.

The safe zone Carnival events would allow certain Carnival activities for vaccinated persons only in safe zone arrangements deemed to pose the smallest potential COVID-19 risk.

Chairman of the Tobago Business Chamber Martin George questioned why Government would move ahead with these plans when T&T was experiencing record COVID-19 daily totals.

Just yesterday, more than 1,000 new virus were reported – the highest number of infections recorded since the first case was detected in March 2020.

George noted that stakeholders including promoters and performers have also expressed concerns with how practical safe zone arrangements would be.

He questioned if this would be a worthwhile venture, particularly in the context of Tobago.

“Even from a Tobago perspective you can imagine that it is going to be even more challenging because even in the best of times the Tobago Carnival product has paled in comparison to what is offered in Trinidad,” George said.

The Tobago Chamber head suggested that Government instead prioritise the education and public health sectors, and putting the economy back onto the path to recovery.

George said: “One wonders if this Carnival safe zone initiative was really the best thought out idea at this time, especially with the rising [COVID-19 case] numbers… so, it doesn’t inspire confidence at all in anyone to try to continue to have these events or to push ahead with these ideas.”

“And, if the promoters… the persons who are most involved… in those circumstances, one wonders really, what is intention, purpose or motive behind the Government still persisting with that idea when it appears we have more important considerations at stake right now, particularly given the rising numbers,” he added.

BY: Darlisa Ghouralal

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