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Tobago Chamber Hopes PDP Victory will Revive Business

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Tobago Chamber Hopes PDP Victory will Revive Business

WITH the Progressive Democratic Patriots PDP about to take the mantle at the Tobago House of Assembly (THA), the Tobago Business Chamber is hoping that the business sector will be able to be revived on the island.

Chamber’s President Martin George, issued a congratulatory message to the party that was able to topple the People’s National Movement (PNM) in the THA election on Monday in an almost clean sweep.

George said, “We are clear in our desire to work along with the incoming administration to ensure that the elements of the Tobago private sector are resuscitated, brought back to life so that we can have a vibrant dynamic business community here in Tobago.”

And he is already calling on the incumbent new leadership to put pressure on Central Government also led by the PNM to repeal the Foreign Investment Act which he said was a death knell to any foreign investment in Tobago.

“This is a time when Trinidad and Tobago needs foreign exchange, we need the input of foreign investment,” George said.

He is also asking that measures be put in place for young entrepreneurs to be encouraged in good business management and administration practices.

He said, “Young people can also recognise there is also a good opportunity in creating your own business to develop Tobago.”

The chamber president said, “We look forward to great and wonderful things for the future of Tobago and the development of business opportunities as we move forward into the new year and beyond.”

By Sue-Ann Wayow


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