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PM: Follow the law to solve THA deadlock

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PM: Follow the law to solve THA deadlock

THE Prime Minister on Friday maintained that the law must be followed to find a solution to the six-six Tobago House of Assembly (THA) electoral impasse.

Dr Rowley expressed this view when asked to comment on a claim by attorney Martin George that an interim PNM-PDP power-sharing arrangement would be illegal.

The PDP made its proposal for a power-sharing arrangement during talks between Rowley, the PNM’s assemblymen and its assemblymen at the Magdalena Grand Hotel in Tobago on Wednesday. He asked them to put their proposal in writing and said he would respond in a week.

“Nothing can be achieved or operated outside of the provisions of the law. In this case, the THA Act,” Rowley said.

He did not comment on George’s claim, but reiterated, ” From the very onset, I indicated and cautioned that I will seek legal advice because all the issues here have a legal construct and are to be addressed within the confines of the law.”

Rowley explained, “I re-emphasised that last Wednesday, as I asked them (PNM and PDP assemblymen) to get together and keep their eyes on the prize.

“I also pointed out that much of what was being said and published is from people who might never have read the act and many are motivated by emotion and even mischief and hatred.”

Rowley also said he had pointed out that all sides have their own legal advice “and I expect their responses would be governed by trusting their own advice.”

Martin Daly, SC, and former THA minority leader Ashworth Jack on Friday disagreed with George that power-sharing could be illegal. Both believed this could be a possible solution to the deadlock.


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