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Hostile Witnesses

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R v Mawhinney

R v Mawhinney     [2004] EWCA Crim 2234, [2004] All ER (D) 560 (Jul)   Court: CA   Judgment Date: 30/07/2004   Catchwords & Digest   CRIMINAL LAW, EVIDENCE AND PROCEDURE - TRIAL - DIRECTION TO JURY - STATUS OF EVIDENCE - ADEQUACY OF DIRECTIONS The defendants and co-defendant were charged with and denied alternative offences of murder and conspiracy to cause grievous bodily harm.  The prosecution's case was that the defendants had carried out a punishment killing of the victim having suspected him of theft of a sentimental ring from a family member and that the co-defendant had made sure that the victim was alone by taking the victim's wife...

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560 Hostile witnesses

  Download Request: Current Document: 7 Time Of Request: Monday, February 02, 2015  15:27:13   Send To: Summer Eudoxie JUDICIARY OF TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO HALL OF JUSTICE KNOX STREET PORT OF SPAIN, TTO   Terms: (stephen's digest)   Source: All Subscribed Sources Project ID: None   Halsbury's Laws of England/CRIMINAL PROCEDURE (VOLUME 27 (2010), PARAS 1-451; VOLUME 28 (2010), PARAS 452-962)/10.  EVIDENCE AND WITNESSES/ (9)  EXAMINATION IN CHIEF/560.  Hostile witnesses.   Hostile witnesses.   A hostile witness (sometimes referred to as a witness who proves 'adverse'1) is one who is not merely disappointing or unfavourable to the party calling him, but is also, in the opinion of the court, unwilling to tell the truth at the instance...

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