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$100K High Court judgement for mom after suffering burns at hospital

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$100K High Court judgement for mom after suffering burns at hospital

AValencia mother has been awarded $100,000 for burns she allegedly sustained at the Sangre Grande Hospital while delivering her baby.

In a statement, Attorney’s Martin George & Co., who represented the 34-year-old mother, said she was awarded the sum in damages, costs and interest by the High Court for burns she sustained while delivering her baby at the Sangre Grande Hospital in 2016.

The court heard that the woman was at the hospital on March 16, 2016 to deliver her baby when she said an “extremely large amount of rubbing alcohol was applied to her abdominal region in preparation for the surgical procedure”, following which the surgeon began to cut her.

The court heard that during the procedure, surgical drapes surrounding her caught on fire and her stomach area and other body parts were burnt.

The claimant said she was told by the Chief Surgeon that she had sustained a “small burn” and that “it was a first-degree burn but nothing major”. They then continued with the C-Section procedure and her baby was safely delivered.

The court heard that “due to the anaesthesia and the focus on her baby, she didn’t yet realize the nature and gravity of these burns until the next morning of 17th March 2016 when one of the nurses opened her robe and removed the dressing from her burn wounds and she saw the enormity and extent of the burns she suffered in the fire”.

The claimant said she observed that “most of the skin on the left side of her stomach was burnt; from below her breasts to her lower abdomen”.

She said the nurse cleaned the wounds and applied Flamazine, and the wounds were left open to air dry.

According to medical records, the burns were first to second degree in nature and affected seven per cent of her body.

The woman said the burns affected her ability to nurse and care for her baby as well as carry out basic tasks.

As a result, legal action was filed against the ERHA for negligence as the burns sustained by the woman during the Caesarean Section were caused as a result of the negligence of the Sangre Grande Hospital staff.

The firm said the Eastern Regional Health Authority (ERHA) now has 28 days to pay the judgment sum to her.

The firm said also participating and giving evidence in the matter on behalf of the ERHA were Dr Dale Hasrannah, Dr Adesh Sirjusingh, Dr Kristy Mendes and Dr Rhonette Spalding.

The ERHA was represented by Ravi Nanga, and was heard before Master Alexander in the High Court.


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