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Crown Point landowner sends legal letter to Nidco

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Crown Point landowner sends legal letter to Nidco

A man from Tobago wants the National Infrastructure Development Company Limited (Nidco) to pay him $3,341,700 in compensation for his parcel of land in Crown Point, which has been earmarked for acquisition for expansion of the ANR Robinson International Airport. 

In a legal letter sent to Nidco Chairman Herbert George yesterday, Wolwin Lovell, through his attorney Martin George, claimed he was first served with a notice of acquisition by the Commissioner of State Lands in March 2019.

In the letter, Lovell’s lawyer provided details of when Lovell purchased the land from his father for $200,000 in 1995. Lovell’s attorney claimed that after receiving the notice Nidco entered into discussions for compensation for the property at Crompstain Trace in Crown Point, which includes two residential homes and three incomplete apartments. 

However in December last year, Lovell was issued with a notice to vacate the property within seven days.  The notice claimed that Lovell was “duly compensated” for the land by the State for the project in March 1996. 

“One obvious absurdity of this claim is the fact that there was no ANR Robinson International Airport in 1996,” Lovell’s lawyer said. 

Lovell’s lawyer claimed that his client was deeply troubled by statements from Government officials alleging that landowners affected by the project were seeking double compensation for their land.

“Our client has been grievously hurt and emotionally scarred by these crass, crude, and cruel statements some of which have been directed personally at him, seeking to paint him as someone double-gouging the Government for compensation,” George said.

He claimed that while his client provided a private valuation of his property and was promised a meeting with the Government’s valuator, none was forthcoming. 

George claimed that because of the dispute over the issue, he refrained from completing three apartments, which he said would have supplemented his income. 

In the letter George requested the disclosure of the Government’s valuation of his property within 14 days. 

He also quoted segments of the Land Acquisition Act, which prescribes the process of land acquisition by the State and how corresponding compensation should be calculated and paid to those affected. 

George said that if Nidco failed to respond to the correspondence he would be forced to file a lawsuit on Lovell’s behalf. 


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