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Medical Board launches new inquiry into Avinash Sawh

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Medical Board launches new inquiry into Avinash Sawh

The Medical Board of Trinidad and Tobago (MBTT) has launched an independent inquiry into the allegations surrounding Dr Avinash Sawh’s racist tirades.

In a statement sent to his lawyer, Martin George, the Board’s Council explained that they’ve received adequate complaints, concerns and allegations from various arms of the public to prompt an investigation.

“The Council has received a number of emails and correspondence from members of the public, the Medical Board, the Minister of Health, the attention of the media generally coupled with the Board’s statutory duty under the Medical Board Act,” the Council wrote.

Coupled with a now infamous social media recording of Dr Sawh making racially offensive remarks, the Council is armed with dozens of complaints from the Minister of Health, Terrence Deyalsingh, Trinidad and Tobago Registered Nurses Association, the African Student Union, other doctors and members of the public.

The Council has given Dr Sawh and his lawyers 10 days to respond to the complaints made about him.

“We wish to make clear that at this stage we are simply asking for a response to the material that has been provided to the Council. Once we receive your written response the Council will take your representations into account and based on what your client says, the Council would be in a better position to determine what further steps, if any, need to be taken,” they added.

Dr Sawh is asked to first confirm whether he is, indeed, the person seen making disparaging remarks about the Afro-Trinidadian community.

This is the latest chapter in an ongoing saga between the Board and Dr Sawh. It initially began when the recordings surfaced on social media. After an initial attempt at investigating the matter, the Board had to restart its process due to missteps made.

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