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Doctor submits 100-page explanation to Medical Board over ‘racist’ remarks

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Doctor submits 100-page explanation to Medical Board over ‘racist’ remarks

A doctor accused of using racist remarks against a former employee has submitted a response of more than 100 pages to the Medical Board, which is investigating his alleged conduct.

Dr Avinash Sawh, who is based in San Fernando, is facing possible disciplinary measures. Clips of him making obscene, racist remarks went viral on social media last month and the doctor has since apologised for his remarks.

The board had given Sawh and his attorney Martin George until Tuesday to respond to the five complaints.

Speaking with Newsday on Tuesday, George said he and Sawh were “just about to submit” their responses.

He said, “Our letters comprise of a total of about maybe in excess of 100 pages of explanations. There’s quite a lot there. But I wouldn’t go into details.

“I’m still hoping out of all of this, the nation uses this as an opportunity to really create and establish a permanent race relations council which will have all the constitutional power and authority to be able to effectively and immediately meet and treat with any such matter like this in the future, with the power to also impose sanction and penalty, and also with restorative justice powers that would enable persons to be able to go for treatment, counselling, rehabilitation and reintroduction into society as a functional member.”

He said such a council would “go a long way” with respect to race relations.

Asked if he believes people who are deemed racist can unlearn this through counselling, he said, “I think so, because I have recognised that a lot of this stems from a mixture of ignorance, stupidity, lack of cultural awareness, cultural sensitivity and those kinds of things. Sometimes you need to expose people to these things and treat them.”

A doctor, Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh, an actor, and two others had complained to the Medical Board about Sawh’s remarks, which led to the investigation. The board had written to Sawh requesting an “explanation” before it made a decision.


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