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Son-in-law loses battle over Benz

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Son-in-law loses battle over Benz

An estate constable has been ordered to deliver the $.7 million Mercedes Benz he had in his possession to the compound of his father-in-law’s company.

While there, the car is however to remain in storage and only driven to be taken for servicing.

Justice Ricky Rahim made the order last Friday for the C-350e vehicle in the matter involving Pipe and Welding Inspection Consultants Services Ltd against Kevin Bissoondath.

In a pre-action protocol letter earlier this year, owner of the company Ranjan Seegobin Singh claimed the car was taken from his premises without permission.

He stated that there was an arrangement for the car to be imported in Bissoondath’s name but for the necessary fees including the purchase price, customs and excise charges, value added tax (VAT) and all other expenses to be done through the businessman. It was said that Bissoondath thereafter failed to transfer the vehicle.

Singh claimed that last year July, due to differences between Bissoondath and his wife, Bissoondath took the C-350e Mercedes Benz valued about $700,000 from his premises without consent and that it was not returned although requests were made.

Bissoondath’s attorney Abayomi Ajene had responded to the pre-action protocol letter that her client, until 2019, lived in a separate house on the fenced compound owned by Singh, and located next to Singh’s Penal home.

In August 2017, Bissoondath’s car was beyond repair following an accident and, Ajene said, about two months later Singh offered to purchase a new motor vehicle for him as a gift. Her letter said that Bissoondath accepted the offer and arranged for the purchase and importation of the Mercedes Benz for which the businessman paid. It was added that in March 2018, an application was made for the registration of the vehicle in Bissoondath’s name. She said the car was solely used by Bissoondath.

Rahim on Friday made the interim order that Bissoondath deliver possession of the car by 10 a.m. last Saturday to Pipe and Welding Inspection Consultants Services Ltd which was represented by attorney Martin George. The order also restrained Bissoondath from removing any non-personal items from the vehicle prior to surrender, including but not limited to internal or external parts and fittings.

It was further ordered that the vehicle be stored under cover and safe from any damage at the Penal address and Bissondath be restrained whether on his own or through his servants or agents from entering upon the premises to interfere with or remove the vehicle.

The judge further ordered that the claimant only be allowed to start the vehicle at least two times per week. It is also only allowed to be driven to a reputable and experienced service agency in keeping with recommended service schedules. It is then to be returned to storage.

It was also ordered that upon surrender of the vehicle, photographs of the inside and outside were to be taken and provided to Ajene through George.

George told the Express that the car was returned on Saturday and the pictures provided.


By: Nikita Braxton-Benjamin

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