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Tobago Chamber pays tribute to deceased hardware owner

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Tobago Chamber pays tribute to deceased hardware owner

The Tobago Business Chamber on Monday expressed condolences to the family of Curtis Phillips who died in a vehicular accident on Sunday. Phillips, the owner of TK hardware, died after his Ford Ranger crashed head-on with a Nissan Frontier along Plymouth Road, Scarborough. According to police, Phillips got out his vehicle and collapsed. He was pronounced dead at the scene by the DMO. The three occupants of the other vehicle were taken to the Scarborough General Hospital.

Tobago Business Chamber chairman Martin George, in a WhatsApp video sent to the media, hailed the business acumen of Phillips whom he described as someone young entrepreneurs could emulate.

“Mr Phillips was a young outstanding businessman who embodied the values of hard work, dedication and focus on his business as he strove to build his enterprises and to treat his customers and staff in a way that was correct and right, in terms of progress and success.

“We encourage those virtues among all young Tobago entrepreneurs – those virtues of hard work, dedication and sacrifice. Those are the building blocks and stepping stones towards success. We encourage those to learn among the elders and seniors in the community, in terms of those who have built their business on their own. You can use that as a template to build your success.”

George said the development of young Tobago entrepreneurs would redound to the benefit of the wider community.

“We want to encourage the THA to keep providing that guidance to young Tobago business persons so we can build our own business class in Tobago and stand shoulder to shoulder with anyone in the world, in terms of our business efficiency, effectiveness and service delivery.”




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