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Tobago chamber wants Budget to focus on sea plane service

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Tobago chamber wants Budget to focus on sea plane service

On Friday Chairman Martin George said one of the new and innovative ideas the Government should consider is the establishment of a Sea Plane Service between Port-of-Spain and Scarborough.

“Which is only for business persons and persons traveling for a one day trip to Tobago.” He said it could be a 20 minutes flight with no luggage allowed.

He explained that this was essential for business between both islands.

As it relates to the Sea bridge, Chairman George also appealed for better service.

“There must be at least 3 vessels servicing the sea bridge at all times so there will always be a vessel available for the traveling public,” he said.

George explained in this scenario when one vessel is dry-docked or has mechanical issues there is always a vessel available.

On the Trinidad and Tobago Inter-Island Ferry Service website it lists the current passenger fleet as – the T&T Spirit, the Jean De La Valette and the Galleons Passage.

The Cabo Star is its cargo vessel.

George also had wishes for the Air Bridge as well.

He insisted that the Government mandate Caribbean Airlines to be more proactive during peak times and put more flights in place prior to the increase in passenger traffic.

Another major concern for the Chamber is the Foreign Investment Legislation, which it wants to be repealed “immediately and unconditionally.”

George said the legislation has “crippled and stifled all foreign investments in Tobago for the last 10 years.”

The final area of focus for the chamber is upcoming projects.

He said 10 per cent of all projects should have local Tobago content.

The budget will be read on Monday afternoon starting at 1:30 PM.


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