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Mother claims hospital negligence killed daughter After road traffic accident…

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Mother claims hospital negligence killed daughter After road traffic accident…

RELATIVES OF a 26-year-old Morvant woman are calling for an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the woman’s death while warded at the Port of Spain General Hospital after she sustained a broken pelvis during a road traffic accident one week ago.

Onika Giselle Derrick died around 4.30 a.m last Thursday while on Ward 14 at the hospital. An autopsy conducted on her body the following day revealed she died from a blood clot which formed in the hip and travelled to the lungs.

According to the victim’s distraught mother, Denise, the negligence of hospital officials resulted in the death of her daughter. In an interview with the Sunday Express, Denise said that she would be taking legal action in the matter.

She said Onika was admitted to the hospital around 5 a.m. on May 16 after she was thrown through the rear windscreen of a motor vehicle which had crashed into Excellent Stores after colliding with another car at the corner of Frederick and Park Streets. Onika had been a passenger in the back seat of the car.

At the time of the accident, Onika, the mother of 5-year-old Terique Derrick, was returning to her Coconut Drive, Morvant home.

Denise said before Onika died, she told her that despite repeated requests to the medical personnel for follow-up treatment, Onika was forced to wait 72 agonising hours for a CT scan, which was only done one day before she died.’

“She died before the doctors could have read and analysed the results of the scan,” Denise claimed.

The distraught mother said when her daughter was taken to the hospital an x-ray was conducted which revealed that she had sustained a broken pelvis and that there may have been other internal injuries but a CT scan would have had to be done to determine the extent of the injuries.

Denise said there are several questions she wants answered by hospital officials, who she claimed, took no pre-emptive measures in affording the best and most professional treatment for her daughter.

“I never thought she would have died because is a few broken bones. If they had done their job properly, this would not have happened. A child would not be left without his mother,” Denise said.

She said the fact that the doctors never detected a blood clot in her daughter’s lungs left a lot to be desired and she wondered how many other patients may have suffered at the hands of personnel at the hospital.

Denise said the last time she was with Onika was on Wednesday night when she, Onika, said that she was examined by a doctor on the ward who told her that everything was alright.

Extracted From: Trinidad Express Newspaper
Published on May 23, 2010,

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