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A high court judge has reserved judgment in a lawsuit filed against the South-West Regional Health Authority by a construction worker, who suffered some paralysis to his left leg after allegedly receiving three injections to the buttocks by a doctor.

Hearing of evidence in the matter was completed on Wednesday before Justice Ronnie Boodoosingh in the San Fernando High Court.

Ashmead Johan, represented by attorney Stephen Boodram, accused the doctor of being clinically negligent.

Johan told the court he visited the Casualty Department of the Point Fortin Area Hospital on August 26, 2002, for medical treatment and a check-up, and was administered the injections.

He said he immediately complained of pain in his left leg and numbness to the left side of his body.

It is alleged that Johan became unconscious and was transferred to the San Fernando General Hospital.

He told the court an electric shock was administered to his left foot to reactivate the nerve, but the shocks left an oval-shaped scar.

Johan remained at the hospital until September 6, 2002, where the condition of his left foot allegedly deteriorated to the point where he suffered a “left foot drop”.

Despite several follow-up visits for physiotherapy at the orthopaedic clinic, Johan said his condition continued to deteriorate and he has suffered permanent partial disability as a result.

In its defence, the SWRHA denied any responsibility for Johan’s condition.

Represented by attorneys Khemraj Harrikissoon and Kingsley Wellesby, officials of the SWRHA said Johan’s condition may have been caused by alcohol abuse, exposure to lead while he was in New York or a deficiency in Thiamin B complex.

Justice Boodoosingh is expected to give his ruling on March 15.
Extracted From: Trinidad Expresss Newspaper
Published on Jan 22, 2010

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