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FOR almost three days after delivering a healthy baby girl a young mother was left with, “a large amount” of placenta in her womb and it was only after her husband threatened to, “go to the media”, was she, “properly treated”.

Radica Ramesar’s husband, Vijay Ramjattan contacted reporters yesterday morning and spoke of the “ordeal” suffered by his wife and himself.

The Health Ministry was contacted about the issue and were told of the allegations levelled against the Mt Hope Hospital Maternity ward.

Up to press time last night they had not yet responded.

Nineteen-year-old Ramesar, also spoke to reporters yesterday.

She said on Tuesday morning (Independence Day) she delivered the baby and on Wednesday, was discharged after being told everything was okay.

She said at the time she was staying at the home of relatives at Bamboo Settlement #3.

She said while at home on Thursday morning, “I started to get real severe pain. It was like I wanted to faint away.”

She also said, “Just so I notice my belly starting to swell. All my foot, my face and my hands started to swell.”

Her husband took her to the maternity hospital where some of the afterbirth was removed and on Thursday night she was discharged.

On Friday morning around 6 a.m. Ramesar said she awoke with even more severe pain.

Her husband immediately called for an ambulance.

Ramesar was taken back to the Maternity Hospital where her womb was again cleaned.

What disturbs the couple though was the attitude of the health care professionals.

“They initially told me it was a bowl of wind in my body,” said Ramesar.

Ramjattan admitted that when he took his wife in on Friday he was a bit distraught.

“We reach that hospital at about 6.30 a.m. They put her on a chair and she got attention around 4.30 p.m.,” he said, “but I had patience.

“I walked up to one of the doctors and told them this was an emergency and the doctor said you will have to take your time you will have to wait your turn,” he said.

“Is then ah get vex,” he said.

He said that he threatened to “bring in the media…TV6, Express and ah even tell them I will even call Ian Alleyne (WINTV).

“After I said that things started to happen,” he said.

“They took care of her and removed all the afterbirth. She still in a lil distress right now but at least she better,” he said.

“But that was wickedness,” he said, “that was not good what they did to her. That was negligence. That cannot work and even one doctor I spoke to agreed with me,” he added.

Up to press time last night Ramjattan was at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex being treated for haemorrhoids which he said was caused by all the stress he had undergone this week.

“Is real pressure for me right now,” he said.

Extracted From: Trinidad Express Newspaper

Published on Sep 5, 2010

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